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General Electric Acquires 116th Green Technology Patent

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
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General Electric (GE) remains in the forefront of green technology as it announced the significant achievement of a obtaining a brand new patent for a “Wind Turbine Rotor Blade with Aerodynamic Winglet” through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This accomplishment marks an impressive current total of 116 patents that GE has acquired specifically via the USPTO’s Green Technology Pilot Program.

GE Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt who recently spoke with Lesley Stahl on the CBS Television Show “60 Minutes” insisted our government needs “a sense of national urgency around jobs” and that the US should be “spending more to retrain US workers.” In fact, Immelt has purposely shifted GE’s focus toward manufacturing as well as research and development (R&D) with the intent, he says, of saving US jobs even while some of those same products are being exported worldwide.

Ironically now also dubbed the “Overseas Job Czar” in conjunction with his efforts to work as head of President Obama’s new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, Immelt certainly has the President’s ear plus the unique comprehension and personal experience of how and why global business (including GE’s) has grown and dramatically shifted companies hiring practices. Immelt makes no apologies for the situation explaining as CEO he must answer to GE’s investors whose #1 focus is profits.

“I work for investors. Investors want to see us grow earnings and cash flow. They want to see us be competitive. They want to see us prosper.” There’s no doubt that by making considered corporate changes to emphasize GE as a leader in new Transportation, Energy and R&D, Immelt is forging a sustainable path as an exceptionally innovative and driven CEO. In fact he’s tripled his company’s budget for green technology and a planned solar panel factory in the US is in the works.

Immelt surely recognizes how the USPTO’s Green Technology Pilot Program is one such measure where inventions can be designed more quickly to create more new green collar jobs and drive profitable and clean solutions in response to 21st Century environmental challenges. The direct purpose of this program is to bring new ideas for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and develop more ways to conserve energy with sustainable practices.

GE and CEO Jeff Immelt have certainly taken a determined role to feverishly advocate energy alternatives, launching their Ecomagination Campaign back in May 2005 with an initial clear focus on globally revolutionizing how water and power are created and delivered. Mr. Immelt also claims additional ways for creating US jobs – not only in green technology but for the nation as a whole – is to restructure the US corporate tax code by lowering it and removing all loopholes.

Will GE take the #1 place for Green Technology global supremacy? The odds are good if you’re a betting man (or woman.) No doubt when it comes to creating new US Green Technology Jobs, Mr. Immelt, Americans will root for US-based GE and you to win big.

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