OLAF Kick Scooter

Get a Kick out of Green Traveling with the OLAF Kick Scooter

Looking for a way to go green on the go? You’re not alone. In today’s modern society—both in the United States and in Europe—sustainability is increasingly being emphasized when it comes to finding ways to get around town and commute to and from work. The benefits are twofold: You save money with green transportation over time, and you save Mother Earth from destructive greenhouse gases. One of the newest ways to go green on the go—a way that is picking up speed—is the OLAF Kick Scooter.

Kick scooters in general are becoming more popular in suburban and urban areas throughout the world. In particular, the OLAF Kick Scooter, engineered and designed in a typical home garage, is made to take people from their garages to the streets in the most innovative, convenient and eco-friendly ways possible. These scooters are shaped ergonomically and are made safe for use on a street because of their rear-wheel brakes as well as their reflective material. The scooter is also simple to navigate in the most crowded areas and features a highly responsive steering system.

The OLAF kick scooter serves as a perfect companion when you’re heading to work or school, going shopping, cruising around or even traveling abroad. The scooter can carry a backpack or bag, and if you use the OLAF backpack provided with it, the scooter itself will actually become a backpack. If you fold the handle, it will also become a longboard. The father-and-son team that created the scooter are working toward taking their products into full production. If you are looking for a unique way to travel and go green—a way that blends seamlessly with your on-the-go-lifestyle—the OLAF Kick Scooter can truly make commuting fun while also making both you and Mother Earth healthier long-term.

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