Getting Over the Problem of Green Energy in the US

The green sector is challenging in the US. Despite films such as An Inconvenient Truth—Vice President Al Gore’s crusade to halt global warming’s deadly progress—and the endless campaigning of many, renewable energy has received a large amount of opposition from American policy makers over the years. They appear to be under the impression that being environmentally friendly runs the risk of compromising capitalist growth and the job market.

But, as reported in August 2013 by The Guardian, the world has to unite to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% in 2050, and so anyone working in the green sector has a difficult task ahead of them.

Raising Consciousness in the Green Sector

The need for raising consciousness in the US is clearly high, but the more the message gets out there the higher the likelihood of change actually occurring.

It’s a fact that global warming is killing the planet, and yet so few people in the States seem willing to believe or accept this, allowing this blight on human history to continue unhindered. It’s with this in mind that a professional in a green job has to consider the type of opposition they may potentially face.

When looking for an environmental-related position, salary and employment forecasts might have an impact, whether it’s an executive search or a mid-level one, the challenge is great as you convince energy providers and legislators that green product is the way forward.

It is, at a time when the President’s Climate Action Plan is being vehemently opposed in congress, an industry with a lot of challenges to surmount.

But it’s a cause that has been gaining steam, if you’ll pardon the pun, in many places in America.

As reported by TDN, the Millennium Coal Company has recently had harsh opposition in their continued attempts to open a new industrial coal mine in the state of Tacoma – but the defense of the company still lies in the argument that although coal might harm the environment, its burning will aid the economy more.

America lives in a constant state of tension when it comes to issues of pollution; on the one hand supporting change for the better; on the other, opposing any shift that might impact its dominance as a world superpower.

Green Lessons from Foreign Allies

In a lot of ways, the US could learn from the example of many other countries who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

Despite interest in nuclear investment, America’s favorite ally, the UK, is still creating a large number of positions in the renewable sector.

It’s a point being made by the progress of the green area itself, with The Scotsman newspaper reporting that more than 70,000 jobs could be created in the next decade from sustainable energy if investment continues.

Variety in Green Energy

The green sector can cover many areas, including working on increased investment in public transport, the promotion of wind farms and other forms of renewable energy, lobbying companies and governments to give green energy a voice, and consulting with companies to optimize their carbon footprint. It’s a broad church that can relate back to any number of interests.

The trick in finding the right position for you is, of course, to research before you apply and to be aware of the edge you need to get a job in what is an increasingly competitive field.

The applicant wanting to get into green energy should know the industry inside-out, understanding at least some of the issues raised above in great detail.

In this exciting time when green energy is at the top of many agendas (in terms of both support and opposition), there is always the room for new ideas and new solutions to this high-profile problem.


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