Easily Bring in $500 More a Month as an Arbonne Independent Consultant

Go Green and Bring in $500 More a Month with Arbonne

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Easily Bring in $500 More a Month as an Arbonne Independent Consultant
Easily Bring in $500 More a Month as an Arbonne Independent Consultant

Could you use a few hundred dollars extra a month? We all probably could: Just think about how helpful that could be—whether it can help you to afford another car payment, a higher mortgage payment, or even your next Caribbean vacation. With Arbonne, you can enjoy a new part-time green job that will allow you to dictate your schedule while watching more than $500 a month roll into your wallet.

As an Arbonne independent consultant, you can aim to sell $150 worth of green products to five clients in a month’s time—a relatively easy feat considering that Arbonne provides top-notch precuts and top-notch training to back them up. You will earn about $262.50 in retail sales to clients (you earn 35 percent profit on your personal retail sales in addition to a 15 percent Preferred Client commission on all sales to Preferred Clients).

Then, add that to the $25 cash bonus you receive four times during the month from new Preferred Clients who purchase Ultimate Value Packs (UVPs). Finally, add to the mix $177.30 in new SuccessLine Team commissions and overrides, and you’re set to receive $539.80 a month. That comes out to $6,477.60 a year: That’s not bad vacation money, is it?

The benefit of working as an Arbonne independent consultant is that you can work as much or as little as you wish. Whenever you want to increase the extra money rolling in—say, around Christmas time—then you have the autonomy to do so. In addition, you never have to worry about carrying inventory on you, as Arbonne ships directly to all of your clients.

On top of this, you can enjoy perks such as cash bonuses, trips, jewelry just for doing a great job. Surely, your current job doesn’t offer these types of benefits. Become an Arbonne independent consultant today, and realize that both you and Mother Nature have a lot more living to do and can actually enjoy doing it.

By Jennifer Bunting

Send email to chicagolifestyleadvantage@gmail.com or call 312-208-8379 to learn how Arbonne can make a difference in your life.

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