‘Going green’ is a phrase almost everyone is familiar with. However, many people with tight schedule feel it is time-consuming and stressful to keep up with. Notwithstanding, there are little changes you can actualize into your day by day life that take practically zero time or stress and can really spare you a considerable measure of cash in the long run. The truth is said, you can be eco-friendly without stressing yourself or spending too much money. Embracing a greener way of life doesn’t necessarily need to be strenuous.

We spend almost 33% of our life in our bedrooms, yet we never seem to get enough sleep. It is imperative to ensure our bedroom is as conducive as possible. Lack of proper sleep can adversely affect our health. At one point or the other, everyone of us must have experienced fever, migraine and fatigue which are the aftereffects of a poor night’s rest. However, it’s not just the temporary effects that one should be wary of. Research has shown that lack of sleep makes one more inclined to grave medical problems, for example, heart problems, obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Here’s a rundown of five ways you can green your bedroom in 2018.

  1. Keep plants indoor

Keeping plants inside your bedroom not just beautifies the room. It also gets rid of toxins in the room by purifying the air and improving air quality. The best plants for your rooms are potted plants. They are found in various sizes and tailored to meet one’s requirements. Try to make sure they are kept on the bedside stools just by the bed over furniture. Sansevieria is another plant which can be used to adorn the bedroom. This plant increases the level of oxygen, thereby improving sleep quality.

  1. Clean green

Ensure your room is consistently safe by using regular green cleaning items. Eco-friendly wood finishes and rug shampoos will get rid of harmful chemicals found in the air. Cleansers without phosphate should be employed as they keep your bedspreads delicate and clean without spreading poisonous chemicals that can affect one’s skin. It’s beneficial for you and for the earth!

  1. Get comfy

The easiest means of getting a good night rest is getting comfy. Ensure that you carefully select the appropriate bedding and mattress to give you a good sleep. You can attempt sleeping with an eco-friendly memory foam mattress or a conventional bed stuffed with wool. These two options are manufactured without anti-fire chemicals and plastics, which emit VOCs. It’s likewise advisable to purchase pillows and organic cotton bedspreads to be comfortable, cool and trouble-free while sleeping.

  1. Utilize Energy Efficient Light Bulbs and Save Energy

You should endeavor to change all the light bulbs in your room to LED bulbs or energy efficient fluorescent (CFLs). In spite of the fact that they might be somewhat more costly, it’s justified, despite all the trouble since they can last up to five times longer than conventional bulbs and is quite bright such that you wouldn’t need to turn on multiple bulbs.  Also, your bedroom thermostats should be some degrees lower and the air conditioners should be set to some degrees higher. The difference isn’t obvious to the naked eye. However, the effect would be felt on the environment.


  1. Enhance the air quality

You burn through eight hours a night breathing the air in your room, which implies you need to keep the air in there as pure as could reasonably be expected. An air purifier will expel harmful chemicals like allergens and VOCs and smoke that stuff up your nose and upset your sleep. You can likewise avoid VOC by selecting regular bedspread and furniture that is not manufactured with the dreadful manufactured chemicals found in glue, wood, or plastic fibres.


The bedroom is usually the last place people consider when they intend going green. It is usually seen as the least important because we spend a good percentage of time sleeping in it. Be that as it may, the room is really where we invest the greater part of our energy at home. Also, on the grounds that getting a decent night’s rest is imperative to healthy living, greening your room needs to make a top priority in 2018.

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