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How An Industry Actually Shifts to Green

Shifts to Green

We hear a lot these days about how many companies are making changes to appear environmentally friendly, to the point where “green” becomes a buzz word that loses some of its specifics. Apple is a good example of a company with a consumer-friendly clean face and a darker side. Nothing about the company is outwardly evil, however the labor practices ...

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Thinking Green: Think Outside the Firm

If a company needs to make big changes, it is usually time to look outside for help. Start by considering how hard it is for an individual to change. For a company, it might sound easy to change – after all, a company change can be a direct order from the executive office. But most executives know that you can’t ...

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Environmental Impact Of Printing Inks

Management and reduction of the environmental effects of printing ink was and is still an important element of product development for EuPIA members’ activities. In this article, printing ink shall be used to encompass printing ink and other products in the same category such as sealers, over print varnishes, primers and wash up materials. In this perspective, these products can ...

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Companies Going Green to Benefit the Environment

Companies are increasingly going green as a way to show their support for a more environmentally-friendly business world. There are numerous motivations that drive companies to make the decision to go green. Companies going green are trying to express their sincere commitment to end pollution, while other companies go green as a way to garner consumer support and grow profits. ...

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Five Trends in Green Advertising

Green Marketing, Green Technology

Advertising has come a long way from the introduction of the radio in the 1920s to now the introduction of smartphone apps. In the business world, the idea of becoming more environmentally sustainable is gaining popularity, and companies in the advertising sector are taking note. Five trends in the green advertising industry are expected to rock the business arena this ...

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Why the Environmental Management Plan is Vital to Your Next Project

The green movement has been embraced by most developed countries, and it extends far beyond recycling aluminum cans. In the construction industry, it means considering the safeguards for protecting the surrounding environment, accurately assessing the cost of those safeguards and putting the plan into place. Ideally, the environmental management plan (EMP) should consider everything from the disposal of solid wastes ...

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Top Green Companies: 3 Ways to Reduce Expenses

Green Business, Green Companies

Green companies are entitled to numerous tax incentives and credits which can significantly lower the costs of operations. Ersnt & Young’s research

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