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Green Business: How to Start Your Own

Start Your Own Green Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success

The world today is much different from the one our grandparents, and even parents lived in. Everything is going on incredibly fast, technology and medicine have made wonderful progress in the past couple of decades, but we can’t seem to understand nature. Every day, there are tons of waste being thrown everywhere: mountains of paper, seas of plastic, metal, and ink, and Mother Nature cannot handle it any longer. “Going green” is a movement that’s been gaining popularity for decades, and domain of green business became a pool of market potential.

Choose your shade of green

There is more than one type of green business, and it’s up to you to pick the one you believe is right. There are so many things to choose from: you can grow organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs, grow your own flowers, or even open a restaurant which would get all the groceries from local farmers and suppliers. You can also start designing and selling your own clothes that are made of natural, organic materials: cotton, linen, and hemp. What is more, you can even start manufacturing different products which are made of biodegradable substances and only use the energy you can get from renewable sources.

Fight small battles

Being green in your office isn’t always easy, but you can try. Everything you use should be recycled: separate the waste so there are always bins for aluminium, paper, and organic waste you can use to make compost. When buying supplies for your office, always buy the ones made of recycled and organic materials, and always choose cleaning products which aren’t toxic. Use electricity wisely, when you’re not using a computer or a printer make sure it’s turned off. When you’re printing schedules, reminders, and tables for the office, always use both sides of paper. If you can’t always do that, save the papers you’re done with, and re-use them the first chance you get.

The downsides of green business

It might seem that green business is all fun and games, but it’s a complex business model that requires a lot of work. If you are a true green businessperson, you will put your responsibility for the environment first, which means that profit comes second or even third (you need to think about the impact that your products have on people too). Keeping your mind on making profit is stressful enough, but when you add other responsibilities to the picture you will learn that balancing things isn’t quite so easy. Most green business owners are either traditional business people or environmentalists, but they are rarely both. In order to truly thrive as a green business owner, you must be both and find a balance!

Why you should go green

On the other hand, here are many great things that come with running an eco-friendly business. When it comes to the market, you will notice that it’s a bit easier to compete against competition because not many businesses offer full-green service and/or products. You can have products that are just as good as (or even better than) non-green alternatives which your competition offers, you’re in good shape.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t compete on the price either, because you can use solid strategies to position your service and products to be more desirable.

Making a difference

In case the product or a service your company’s offering really makes a difference for both the Earth and our society, you can use it to your advantage. In general, people like to know that their actions are going to help more than just themselves. If you’re keeping track of your carbon footprint and also performed groundwater engineering tests to assess the groundwater inflow, it will make people understand how dedicated you are. You will be able to leverage this information in your branding and marketing and let people know that by working with you and hiring you they too will make a difference and do a good thing for the environment and the planet.

If you’re passionate about protecting the environment and you’d like to start your own business, you should become one of the green entrepreneurs. A natural way to combine your two passions is to start and eco-friendly business, and you will do a favour to the entire world. You will offer products and services to your customers, but your actions will help protect the planet too. Remember, changes don’t come over night, and you should be patient and never abandon your goal of running a green business.

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