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Green Jobs: 10 Jobs Where Going Green is Easy

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It’s a known fact that most people simply hate their jobs. You, however, can be part of the 40 percent of people who claim to actually enjoy going to work each day – simply by choosing a career path that not only capitalizes on your skills but also capitalizes on the chance to make a difference in the environment. Why not feel better about yourself and help Mother Earth to feel better, too? Here are 10 jobs that let you go green with a salary of at least $30,000 a year, according to SimplyHired.

1. Urban and regional planner ($54,000/year on average in 2012). This career allows you to create environmentally conscious plans for an area’s infrastructure in addition to managing a locale’s natural resources and making sure that the local wildlife are well taken care of.

2. Pest control technician ($30,000/year on average in 2012). This career allows you to manage and control critters in a way that is not harmful to the environment, as technicians who do use termite control chemicals or fumigants to target major infestations must be extremely eco-conscious to avoid leaks and other problems that can damage the earth. Finding non-chemical means to capture unwanted pests can be what makes you stand out to customers.

3. Urban Forester ($46,000/year on average in 2012). If you have a “green” thumb, this career allows you to plant trees and care for them throughout the city. Supporting the care of urban trees is essential because these trees produce necessary oxygen for life in addition to being able to trim the heating and cooling bills of nearby buildings by 10 percent.

4. Carbon Accountant ($66,000/year on average in 2012). If you are organized and like tracking information, this career allows you to capitalize on your skills by helping companies to measure the amount of greenhouse gases they produce. Utility companies, in particular, are required to do this job since the Environmental Protection Agency mandated this in 2009, and the demand for this service by all types of companies is rising.

5. Green Marketer ($48,000/year on average in 2012). For the marketing aficionado, why not turn your passion into passion for Mother Earth as well? This career will allow you to accurately promote to the public all of the green activities that your company or client are doing so that customers are confident about the company’s and clients green offerings.

6. Green Event Planner ($43,000/year on average in 2012). If you like putting together events such as entertainment shows or even weddings, you can make your efforts feature a green touch as well. This green career allows you to have fun planning parties and conferences while simply making sure that the events do not harm the environment.

7. Sustainability Manager ($57,000/year on average in 2012). This career will allow you to make sure that a company’s way of doing business is as eco-friendly as possible, even if it means going paperless or using more energy-efficient heating systems. The need for these types of leaders is growing as companies realize the cost benefits and marketing benefits of going green.

8. Environmental Engineer ($63,000/year on average in 2012). This career allows you to delve into black-and-white fields of math and science while making a green difference in the world. Engineering is a promising field, and going green in this career lets you come up with viable solutions for protecting the natural environment for years to come.

9. Waste Disposal Manager ($55,000/year on average in 2012). This career allows you to help companies to discard of their waste in an eco-friendly manner, thus making a difference in individual companies as well as in the local community as a whole in the area of going green while having a basic need met.

10. Science Teacher ($38,000/year on average in 2012). This career allows you to teach the next generation how to practice conservation and care for the earth and its natural resources so that they will be available for the following generations. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s green leaders.

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