You can show Mother Earth and your love some love by going green this Valentine's Day (Image from

Green Jobs: 3 Ways To Go Green This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the romantic in all of us, and as you’ll see everywhere in stores, is mostly associated with the color red. But if you’re looking for ways to go green with your gifts for your lover, we’ve got you covered. While switching to green jobs will certainly make your partner proud, here are a few easy and budget-friendly ways to give a good gift that’s friendly on the environment as well.

You can show Mother Earth and your love some love by going green this Valentine’s Day (Image from
  1. Ditch The Card

Skip getting a card that will just go into the trash and send an ecard. There are many free ecards available that can get your thoughtful message across while also reducing waste. Save the trees!

  1. If You’re Getting Flowers

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but are not the most sustainable, depending what you buy. While a dozen red roses is as timeless as a Valentine’s gift can be, how long do they last after the bouquet has been clipped? Maybe a week? The flower industry is also fairly notorious for poor labor conditions and have been known to waste water and use harmful chemicals.

This year, if you’re going to get flowers for your loved one, consider getting a living plant, like an orchid or succulent. They are low maintenance, can live for a long time, and some may even help to improve the air quality in your home. Plus, when they come in a pretty pot, you’ve got yourself a great gift!

  1. Go Organic

If you’re going the wine and chocolate route, be more eco-friendly and buy certified organic products. Organic products will ensure that no harmful toxins are in your foods and that fair labor practices were used to make them. Plus, they most likely will taste better. It’s a win, win!

Short of making the career switch to green jobs, these are a few easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a more eco-friendly manner. Cheers to all the lovers out there, and keep checking back to the blog for more news on green jobs and sustainable living.

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