Several easy green beauty swaps can help you to elevate your look and support green jobs in 2018. (Image from

Green Jobs: Easy Green Beauty Swaps for 2018

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? If not, we’ve got some tips for you; we’re going to talk a look at how some simple switches to your everyday beauty routine can actually help you be more sustainable — and that’s something you can feel proud about in 2018. It’s far short of getting green jobs, but little changes like these can have a ripple effect on the way you live to make you an overall more environmentally friendly person.

  1. Swap Your Old Toothpaste For Organic

It can be difficult to find a “green” toothpaste you’re comfortable with, but they’re out there. A green toothpaste, like David’s Natural Toothpaste, is one that will use non-harmful chemicals and come in a tube made of recycled material. Check your local organic markets and ask your dentist to be sure you’re using an ADA-approved paste.

  1. Wash Your Hair With Natural Shampoo
Several easy green beauty swaps can help you to elevate your look and support green jobs in 2018. (Image from

When it comes to the shower, start from the top down with some organic shampoo. There are dozens of brands available that use all-natural ingredients and will leave your hair smelling great and shiny as ever. Some will be free of residue as well, which means less washing and less water used. You can even just use conditioner occasionally and not do a full wash. Give it a try!

  1. Ditch Your Wasteful Gel For Organic Bar Soap

With shower gel, we tend to use way more than we need to and end up going through a bottle alarmingly quickly. Hopefully that bottle then gets recycled, but using shower gel contributes to waste, whereas when you run out of your bar of soap, it’s just… gone. And it might be better for your skin too!

  1. Switch To Rosewater

The most popular facial cleansers all contain chemicals, and micellar water got trendy in recent years as an green all-purpose cleanser that didn’t require rinsing. Unfortunately, micellar water contains preservatives that are bad for the skin. Rosewater, meanwhile, is more gentle.

  1. Use Natural Deodorant

Deodorants are often made with aluminum… seriously. Deodorants are often 20 percent (or even more) aluminum, which clogs your sweat glands, and does suppress your sweat. However, your underarms are a major outlet for detox, and clogging them can lead to an accumulation of toxins. Switching to a natural deodorant will help your body sweat, but keep your underarms healthy and smelling pleasant.

These are some easy switches you can make at home to your beauty routine to go more green in 2018. When making these switches, take pride in knowing that you’re actually supporting green jobs — the jobs responsible for your eco-friendly products — in the process. And when you’re ready to take a bigger leap, look into the growing sustainable industry to try to find yourself a green job and make a real impact on the environment, too.

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