The Lolistraw is an edible straw made of algae; it's gaining increasing attention in the current green jobs movement. (Image from

Green Jobs: What If Edible Straws Could Save The World?

While making a career switch to green jobs is a great way to help make an impact on your environment, there are several changes you can make at home to be more sustainable as well. And if people are able to adapt certain strategies on a larger scale, there is great potential to make a real difference.

The Lolistraw is an edible straw made of algae; it’s gaining increasing attention in the current green jobs movement. (Image from

So, if everyone were to stop using single-use plastic straws and switch instead to edible straws–what kind of an impact could this have?

That’s the question Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, founders and co-CEOs of Loliware, sought to answer when they invented the Lolistraw. The Lolistraw is an edible straw made of algae. Much like their edible, disposable cup, the goal is to reduce the pollution caused by single-use plastic ware, in these instances cups and straws.

Think about every time you order a drink when you go out to eat. If it comes with a straw, that straw is then immediately thrown away, and takes roughly 200 years to decompose.

The Lolistraw functions just as well as a plastic straw but is completely free of plastic. It is hypercompostable, marine-degradable, and GMO-free. The straws can even have flavors and nutrients added into them, so they can add flavor to a beverage, making doing a small part to save the environment fun as well.

Loliware has launched a Kickstarter for the Lolistraw, with the stated goal of replacing millions of straws in the next year. They are targeting three main areas of plastic straw use: coffee shops, fast casual restaurants and juice bars.

When they go into launch mode, the Lolistraw may create some green jobs of its own, with workers being needed to fulfill its growing number of orders. But this is a fine example of a company doing its small part for the environment with big impact goals.

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