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Eco fashion is an art form all by itself, but one German design company is merging visual art with the wearable kind. At Des Artistes in Munich, artists create original designs to be printed on t-shirts. You won’t find any Normal Rockwell or Klimt prints on these fashion tees. Only contemporary artists with an established or developing reputation are featured.

The artists understand that they’re contributing to a fashion t-shirt, and use the tee itself as a canvas on which to express themselves and connect with the wearer. This results in art that’s literally designed for fashion, instead of art that’s designed for a canvas which is then printed onto a t-shirt.

Wearing art designed for wall displays always looks a little awkward and unoriginal. But Des Artistes dodges that bullet. Every fashion artist is acknowledged on the tag of the tee itself. More information about each artist is available on the Des Artistes website.

Artists come from a variety of backgrounds. Elli Hurst, who designed the “Metamorphosis” tee in the above picture, used to be an art director for advertising agencies in both national and international locations like Michigan and Munich. She focuses on mixed media, and on conveying her strong relationship with nature.

New York based artist Duane Hosein’s illustrative designs are detail-oriented, and also reflect a deep love for the natural world.

Other fashion artists come from all over the globe, including Berlin, Milan, China and other locations.

Des Artistes’ goal, as stated on their website, is to raise awareness “with real art that inspires.” They’re not only raising awareness about up-and-coming artists, but also about the environment. Each fashion art tee is eco friendly with organic, sustainable fabrics, and water-based inks. They also donate a portion of sales to different charities every season.

About the Author: Leslie Hedrick has been a freelance writer and journalist since 2009. Her work, centering around green technology and sustainable living, has been published across the internet and in magazines throughout North America. She studied writing at Columbia College Chicago, and currently resides in northern Kentucky.

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