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Five Trends in Green Advertising

Advertising has come a long way from the introduction of the radio in the 1920s to now the introduction of smartphone apps. In the business world, the idea of becoming more environmentally sustainable is gaining popularity, and companies in the advertising sector are taking note. Five trends in the green advertising industry are expected to rock the business arena this year.

1.  Green Gadgets. With electronic gadgets quickly infiltrating our daily lives, efforts to use them to spark a green revolution are growing. More companies are using mobile apps to advertise their offerings in a green way. You easily can use a smartphone to download apps that allow you to compare different stores’ prices without traveling the distance or being in front of a computer. These apps are considered green because they prevent you from having to pollute the air by driving. One GoodGuide app actually lets consumers find green products based on scientific ratings as well.

2.  Imagination. The quality that keeps the green industry exciting to consumers is the unknown. So much has yet to occur – such as the commonplace use of electric vehicles or solar energy systems on residences. For this reason, green advertising is increasingly presenting products and services as extremely innovative and trend-setting and essentially calling for the consumer’s imagination to be challenged. For instance, green ads are already using phrases such as, “Imagine a world where gas stations are no more and you can charge your vehicle anywhere and at anytime.” More green companies are daring the customer to dream big for a brighter planetary future.

3.  Truth rules. Companies are realizing that being “green” and “sustainable” are buzzwords that are used everywhere nowadays – so much so that consumers are questioning whether a business’ green product claim actually is true. The Federal Trade Commission actually has gotten involved by producing Green Guides that determine how companies can use product certifications and terms such as “carbon offset” and “renewable materials.” As the number of companies who are trying to tap into the wallets of green-focused customers increases, you can expect the government to assume an even bigger role in making sure that green product claims that appear in the media are true. After all, according to Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, almost three-fourths of people do not believe what companies say about their efforts to help the environment anymore.

4.  Price is Powerful. Green companies are realizing that their products will be more in-demand if prices are lower. In fact, a 2009 Mintel survey revealed that more than half of Americans would be willing to purchase green products if their prices were more comparable to those of non-environmentally friendly products. This is changing how advertisers price and market their products – all in an effort to get more consumers to try them out and to get hooked on the green movement – a hook that will result in more “greens,” or money, for the companies.

5.  Branding Through Action. One of the most popular ways companies are trying to advertise their products and their green causes simply is by getting involved in their communities. In today’s world, consumers don’t want to purchase products from a company that claims to be green but has nothing to show for it outside of its business. Companies realize that actions speak louder than words, so more of them are getting involved in green service projects, campaigns and efforts to woo environmentally focused customers.


By YaShekia King

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