A few steps can help you to ring in the new year in a green way -- besides taking advantage of green jobs. (Image from http://thecorporatecatwalka.blogspot.com/2014/12/happy-new-year-green-lace-dress-leopard.html)

Green Jobs: How To Go Green On New Year’s Eve

Switching careers to green jobs is a great New Year’s Resolution, but you can also aim a little smaller with your sustainable efforts. And you don’t actually have to wait until the clock hits midnight to start being more eco-friendly. Why not kick things off during your New Year’s Eve bash, which otherwise has the potential to be a very wasteful affair? Here are a few ways how.

  1. No Single-Use Items

Paper plates, plastic cups, plastic silverware, napkins, etc.–all of it goes right into the trash. And while this makes hosting a party easier for the host when it comes to cleanup, you’re creating a lot of unnecessary waste for the environment. You can reduce your party’s carbon footprint by using your own flatware, dishes, and glasses, and even reusable cloth napkins. If you insist on single-use items, you can at least do your part by using the many biodegradable options available.

  1. Eat Local

This might seem impossible depending where in the country you live, but chances are, your local farms — the epitome of suppliers of green jobs — operate year-round and you can still find good, local, organic food to use for your party. This helps support your local economy as well as offering your party greener food options. You can most likely even find organic and local drink options as well.

  1. Decorations

Your party decorations might end up going in the trash right along with your plates and cups. But do you really need all those noisemakers, silly hats and glasses, confetti poppers, etc.? If the answer is “yes,” try making them on your own out of recycled materials. But chances are, no one will miss them if you skip them altogether.

Making greener choices for your New Year’s party — in addition to springing for green jobs — is a great way to kick-off your sustainable efforts in 2018. If you are indeed considering making the career switch to green jobs this year and beyond, keep reading for tips, trends, and more.

Green Jobs

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