Green Jobs: How Oil Spills are Effecting Global Warming

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Global Warming is something that is talked about, but many people feel that it is just a theory.  The crazy weather that has occurred over the past couple years should be enough to convince anyone that something is going on with the weather. Especially with hurricane Sandy this year due to the unseasonably warm weather combined with a hurricane and topped off with a cold front it was considered the perfect storm. The hurricane skipped right past all of its normal stops like Florida and headed right for the Jersey shoreline and New York City of all places. This makes many people wonder, could the oil spills have effective global warming?

Global Warming

It can be difficult to understand that process of global warming. It is basically the fact that driving the cars we do, using the coal, and providing power to our homes all emit gasses into the environment. The gases are basically breaking down the resistance and protective layers that were naturally instilled such as the ozone layer, and are causing problems throughout the world. The past several decades have seen many of this issues becoming more of a problem.

One of the main concerns is to do the lack of protection the glaciers have begun to melt. There is some concern that should this process continue eventually the land will be overrun with water which will not only eliminate towns, cities, and states, but it will basically eliminate fresh water and food sources for the human race. This is obviously something that would not occur for quite some time, but it is something that is possible if the problems are not rectified.

Another issue is the sun. You body is not as protected from the sun as it once was, and this means that the more years that pass the more dangerous it will become. It is true that people used to sunbath and use butter or some other oil to help attract the sun to their bodies in order to get a nice tan. Some people still do that today. It is clear that the sun seems to be stronger now than it ever was because it does not take the average person very long to burn if they go out into the sun without some kind of protection on. This is why skin cancer has become such an issue. It is common for someone that might have spots on their body where they were often sunburned to have issues with skin cancer later on it life. Many people attribute this to the global warming.

Oil Spills and Global Warming

The scientists will tell you that if we do not change our ways with our consumption of oil or coal that will are basically destroying the earth for our children and grandchildren. The consumption of oil is massive right now. There are not replacements for the cars that we drive that are not oil powered as of yet. It is true that many developers have been working on electric alternatives, but that will only resolve the oil. You will basically be swapping out oil for coal.

The oil spill causes a great deal of damage to the water, the environment, and the communities that surround the area. It takes a lot of effort to try and clean up the damage that is done which in turn means more oil and coal usage and more emissions into the environment. It is difficult to see the damage that we are doing by just looking at this point in time, but if you refer to history and all of the information available on the environment you will see that global warming is true and we are in for some trouble if we do not change our ways.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a freelance blogger and an environmentalist. He is having his own website for saving environment and going green. He recently published an article on florida keys gulf spill claims and was very much appreciated for that.

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