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Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade

We live in a time where our world is started to feel the effects of global warming more and more every day. This has resulted in the creation of a new kind of job category, namely “green jobs”. This may sound like a new term to you, but you probably already know of quite a few green jobs out there, you just didn’t know that they were referred to as green jobs!

Essentially, a green job refers to anything that involves improving the environment or approaching agriculture and farming in a more sustainable manner. For example, the creation of the LED light for mass commercial use can be referred to as a green job because LED lights use up a lot less electricity than regular bulbs, thus reducing our energy consumption and easing the strain we place on our planet. This is just one of the many jobs that exist in this sector, you would be surprised at just how diverse green jobs are.

Here are some examples of green jobs that are currently all the rage in the market:

Urban Growers

Farming has started to become a source of constant worry for humanity. We rely on farming for our sustenance, but we also are running out of arable land. Urban growers bring farms into the cities, growing vertically rather than horizontally. This is a far more natural way to farm because it incorporates elements of urban development, which is an inevitable part of our future, into agriculture.

Water Purification Specialists

One of the most precious resources human beings are going to be depending on is clean drinking water. It is extremely important that we start to focus on our water supply as much as possible, which is why water purification specialists are now such an important part of our employment ecosystem. Water purification specialists, or water technicians, specialize in purifying sources of fresh water that have been contaminated by toxins. We live in a world where fresh water is routinely contaminated by industrial plants so this job is vital to the survival of our species.

Car Manufactures and Engineers

This entry on this list might seem a little odd to you because cars are generally what cause pollution in the first place, but this is also the very reason why green car engineers are so important. These individuals work on the production of vehicles that use green energy such as hydrogen cell powered cars and electric cars. We will have to replace our old, inferior vehicles if we want to be able to sustainably travel in the modern world. This is why this job in particular is so enormously important.

Recycling Experts

This is an entry on this list that you might have already thought of. We have all learned about how important it is to recycle. Recycling experts are able to use the materials we have already consumed to create new materials that can be used again. In this manner we are not going to have to keep using up our natural resources in order to meet our needs, but can create a single set of resources from which we will get our supplies time and time again. This can stop ecological disasters such as desertification and deforestation from occurring.


Here we have another example of how regular jobs can be changed to become as ecofriendly as possible. How an architect builds their homes is important, because a lot of building practices are harmful to the environment. By using sustainable resources and incorporating renewable energy resources into the homes that are being built, architects and contractors can contribute greatly to the sustainability of our world. We can also start looking into zero energy homes, which are basically homes that are naturally heated or cooled and do not need external energy resources for any but the most essential of tasks.

Alternative Energy Engineers

There are all kinds of alternative sources of energy out there that are renewable and don’t harm the environment. Engineers working on these projects can be said to have “green jobs”. Solar cell technicians, for example, help to advance solar cell technology and make it more efficient. Wave technicians are also an important part of this industry. They use the power of crashing waves to power generators that can produce quite a bit of power, thus greatly reducing our dependence on things like oil and coal both of which are extremely dangerous for the environment.

These jobs form the basis of our sustainable future. Without them we would not have a chance of finding sustainable ways for us to survive, which is why it is so important that we give these jobs the importance that they deserve. If we don’t pay attention to these jobs it is unlikely that we would be able to keep living on this planet. After all, the way we live right now is making the planet uninhabitable in a number of different places. Green jobs firstly help to delay this from happening, and secondly reverse the effects that have already been seen.

Green Jobs

How to Apply for a Green Job With the demand for green jobs skyrocketing so far in 2017, giving yourself a unique edge can be difficult—yet absolutely necessary—in order for you to become a proud worker for Mother Earth. Follow these steps to successfully claim your next environmentally friendly employment opportunity. 1. Resume: Make sure … Continue reading..

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