Green Jobs: Obama Stands to Gain from Increased US Fossil Fuel Production

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President Obama is a big proponent of green technology. Under his administration, the green job market has exploded. But this doesn’t mean he’s put a hamper on developing traditional energy sources in the homeland.

It’s not just green technology energy sources that have boomed. Domestic energy production has increased all around. Coal mining has risen. Mining for radioactive ores has risen. In the year 2010, the country produced more domestic oil than its been able to since 2003.

The policies leading to this development have been in place since before Obama took office. But that’s not going to matter come election time, when voters will look at the upswing and its employment opportunities, and associate it with the man currently in office.

Whether he’s to thank or not, Republican arguments that Obama has prevented us from using our own energy, and pursued “anti-American energy policies that are killing jobs and making us all poorer,” (said by Newt Gingrich), don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

Obama could have obstructed much of this energy production in favor of green technology. He did recall 77 drilling leases because they were too close to national parks (reissuing 17 later). He scrapped plans to drill in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP spill (though he was considering it before the spill). The Interior also plans to close off thousands of acres of oil shale.

But overall, the president has favored an “all of the above” strategy which includes green technology and fossil fuels. Even with the forthcoming cuts, oil production is only expected to dip from 2011 through 2012. After that, the energy information agency predicts a steady eight year increase in both oil and natural gas development, not to mention renewable green technology.

By Leslie Hedrick

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