An effort is underway to create biodegradable bags out of shrimp shells. (Image from

Green Jobs: Odd Materials That Could Replace Plastic

While plastic has certainly proved itself as a versatile and reliable material over the past 100 years, it also is extremely harmful to the environment. With new options emerging, it’s time for the world to start taking care of our planet and using alternative materials for bags, bottles, and more. A shift to other materials could also put a wide variety of new green jobs on the market.

An effort is underway to create biodegradable bags out of shrimp shells. (Image from

Let’s take a look at a few interesting solutions to the plastic problem.

  1. A Water Bottle You Can Eat

Think of all the times you’ve purchased a bottle of water just in the past year. It’s nice to think all of those empties went to recycling, but they often don’t. One emerging tactic here is the Ooho, which is a bubble-like sphere of gelatinous film made of plants that contains water. It’s completely biodegradable, and actually even consumable. The hang-ups currently are that they’re small and cannot be resealed, but perhaps in the future we can eat our water instead of drinking it.

  1. What Can Mushrooms Do For You?

Ecovative Design has come up with an eco-friendly solution to styrofoam containers: fungi. They’ve found a way to combine the inner material of a mushroom with other natural ingredients like hemp and oats to create a solid that can be molded into a container. You can even grow your own!

  1. Shrimp Shells For Plastic Bags

This might seem like a stinky replacement, but an effort is underway to create biodegradable bags out of shrimp shells. This strategy is underway in Egypt, where there is an abundance of shrimp shells. According to early trials, two-pounds of shells can be boiled in acid and created into 15 plastic-like bags.

There are just a few of the many creative solutions people are considering to help fix the world’s plastic problem. Right now they’re just in the early development stages, but if they catch on, look for more green jobs to be on the way! And as always, stay tuned here to see all the latest on the green jobs market.

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