Green Jobs
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Green Jobs Pay More Than $100,000 Per Year

Green Jobs Offer a Wide Range of Salary Opportunities

The green technology industry offers a plethora of jobs featuring varying salary ranges depending on your area of interest. From a low green jobs salary of about $30,000 all the way up to green job salaries that pay six figures, you can take your pick when claiming your desired job in the booming green industry.

Many of the green jobs in today’s economy essentially are based on skills that people already have: You simply apply your existing career skills to a green business setting, where the company’s focus is on helping to preserve the planet. The average salary for green jobs currently lingers around $34,000, according to

If you are interested in entering careers in wind turbine component manufacturing, your wage can be around $29,000 for a team assembler or construction laborer and reach $34,000 to $38,000 for a welder or inspector, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Other common green jobs and their accompanying average annual salaries, according to, include:

  • Solar Installer: $31,000
  • Ecological educator: $36,000
  • Green entrepreneur: $42,000
  • Environmental health and safety technician: $46,000
  • Green IT professional: $46,000
  • Emissions manager: $61,000
  • Green landscape architect: $62,000
  • Sustainability specialist: $63,000
  • Environmental architect: $71,000

Geoscientists and environmental scientists can earn between $61,000 and $81,000, with these jobs usually requiring master’s degrees.

Some Green Jobs Pay More Than $100,000 Annually

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the green technology industry pay more than $100,000 a year, according to Forbes. For instance, if you have experience in law or engineering, you can consider becoming an environmental lawyer – who represents environmental groups or their opponents, oil companies – or even an environmental engineer, who helps to develop construction projects that minimally affect the environment. The demand for engineers in the green field actually is expected to increase by 25 percent through 2016.

An environmental meteorologist also can get paid big bucks to study environmental problems such as clean water shortages and pollution, while a senior hydrologist additionally spends his or her time focusing on managing sewers and drinking water sources.

Other top-paying green jobs are those of senior urban planners, conservation scientists, environmental specialists, renewable energy managers and even chief sustainability officers, who fill high leadership roles at organizations that aim to preserve the planet for years to come.

Green Jobs

How to Apply for a Green Job With the demand for green jobs skyrocketing so far in 2017, giving yourself a unique edge can be difficult—yet absolutely necessary—in order for you to become a proud worker for Mother Earth. Follow these steps to successfully claim your next environmentally friendly employment opportunity. 1. Resume: Make sure … Continue reading..

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