Eco-tourism in Florence, Italy, is an excellent way to spend the holidays this year while supporting green jobs and Mother Earth. (Photo from:

Green Jobs: Support Them with Holiday Ecotourism

Ecotourism around the World

You might be sitting at home, at work, or on the subway right now, but your heart may be hundreds or thousands of miles away in a land where the earth is your footstool, and where nature is uninhibited. The quickly approaching holiday season may be the perfect time for you to start a new yearly tradition — a holiday ecotourism trip with family that allows you to combine your love for nature’s beauty with your love for preserving Mother Earth herself.

Consider visiting these ecotourism hotspots, known for their hidden gems and plentiful green jobs both near and far.


Everglades National Park remains the Sunshine State’s most in-demand ecological attractions, where you can see crocodiles and alligators co-existing—an admittedly rare sight around the world. Rangers at the park offer guided walks so that you can easily explore the region. But be careful: they may end up enticing you to stay to take advantage of these dream green jobs yourself.

Costa Rica

For a more distant ecotourism vacation destination, the conservation-focused Costa Rica can’t be beat. In fact, since the 1990s, this nation has been the epitome of ecotourism, proving that verdant rainforests and national parks, which take up a quarter of the country, can mean economic growth. Both nature lovers and adrenaline seekers can enjoy the Earth-friendly activities and attractions here.


Desiring a green escape that’ll take you to another part of the world? Italy should be high on your list. Stroll among the magical Mediterranean shrubs and pines in Rome’s Garden of Saint Alessio, or indulge in the hot springs, valleys, and lagoons of Vencie and find out for yourself why Venice is called the “city of the five senses.”

You can even take a spin around Florence in this medieval city’s popular quiet electric carts, or experience the first totally self-sustainable accommodation in the scenic hills of Sardinia’s Monte Arcuentu volcanic massif. With a little planning and a passion to support green jobs and nature’s rare gifts around the globe, the world can be your oyster this Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Green Jobs

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