Green Jobs: Top 3 Challenges Green Jobs Face

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Green jobs don’t necessarily make for an easy road to economic security here in America. Sure, they can be great for the economy. And sure, they also can be good for the environment. Still, there are a few things about them that make for a sticky situation today – turning green jobs into something that is a little more black and bleak for the eco-friendly job seeker. Here are the top three reasons for why green jobs still face challenges in the modern economy.

1. It’s tough to plan long-term in the green jobs realm, simply because each side of the political aisle has a very different view toward green jobs. One president (U.S. President Barack Obama) might strongly support them, and his potential predecessor (U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney) might be adamant against funding them. Businesses simply don’t know if they’ll receive enough support from the government with each transition to a new president. For some aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s not worth the risk.

2. In some green businesses, the green jobs are plentiful, but the workers are few. Many companies complain that they are experiencing a shortage in the number of green workers who are qualified to handle the tasks they need done. This especially is true in areas such as engineering, where new engineers must master renewable energy concepts, as well as architecture/construction, where Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building projects are the wave of the future.

3. Although green products and services produce green jobs, green products and services also can produce a little more pain in the consumer’s wallet than their traditional counterparts. The price of a hybrid car obviously is more expensive than a regular vehicle, and green cleaning supplies or organic foods carry larger price tags than products that are not eco-friendly. It will take a while for consumers as a whole to accept these higher prices as a regular part of their budgets – especially right now when the economy still hasn’t healed totally.

By YaShekia King

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