Top Markets to Find Green Jobs

Downtown Seattle and a ferry at the Central Waterfront.

You’re part of the 70 percent of Americans who downright hate their jobs. Maybe you’re at the point where you are ready for change: You are willing to go anywhere to find a new job and give yourself a new lease on life, and landing a green job seems to be more promising than remaining stuck in your dead-end career path. Here are the top four markets in which you have the highest chance of claiming a new green job this fall.

1) Michigan: The clean technology industry is big here in the home of Motor City. Other than Detroit, the city of Troy and other municipalities in the northern Michigan area actually are jumping on the green bandwagon and producing goods such as new green engines, electric vehicle recharging facilities and electric vehicle batteries. The automotive industry may have come to a screeching halt in Michigan a few years ago, but the green industry is adding a little juice to a once-dying engine.

2) New York: The state of the Big Apple is heralded as the financial capital of the green economy. Take, for instance, how energy venture capital, mutual fund and cleantech venture capital companies are located here. If you have a financial background or interest in this promising industry linked to green technology, then take a bite out of what the Big Green Apple has to offer.

3) California: Here in the land of sunshine, the environment that is favorable for solar energy makes California a no-brainer for searching for green technology jobs. The clean technology sector specifically is huge in southern California, especially in San Diego, which has attracted energy efficiency technology companies along with environmental engineering services companies. Wind energy companies and businesses that produce organic products and electric vehicles also are growing in popularity in northern California.

4) Washington: Smart-grid technologies are popular here in the state that also promotes energy efficiency technologies and green waste management. The transportation industry in Seattle, in particular, is large, thus providing many opportunities to participate in work involving green recharging facilities.

By YaShekia King

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