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Green Movement Could Stand to Benefit from Pinterest

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street
Pinterest Could Become the Next Big Thing in the Green Social Media Movement - Image from Google

In the effort to merge all things green with the Web, Facebook – admittedly the leader in the social media industry – just might have met its match. There’s a growing interest in Pinterest, which recently was touted as one of the top 10 social networks on the Web, and this skyrocketing fascination could cause the green movement to go viral even more rapidly in coming months.

Pinterest is a new addiction in the Webosphere, rivaling Facebook to draw more people using something as simple as a bulletin board. On the Pinterest site, users can choose home-related images and group them together on their own pages. Other social media site users then can re-pin an image that you have pinned to your board, thus allowing the content to spread across the Internet.

Although many invited social media site users spend their time pinning images of their favorite ceviche recipes or the latest wedding gowns, this virtual bulletin board is an effective way to also leverage the green agenda by posting images of leading environmentally friendly appliances or products ranging from sustainable wood toothbrush holders to non-toxic oven cleaners. Even green wedding shoes are a hit on the addictive social media site.

U.S. Green Technology actually uses Pinterest to post pictures and stories, a way to get the potential 1.5 million active users on Pinterest to start talking even more about green technology and green living, which is sure to retain a strong following in America.

Next to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Pinterest is definitely the next big thing in social media circles, increasing its traffic by a bamboozling 4000 percent over the last several months after starting in March 2010. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so just a green image or two accessed via a laptop or smart phone app on Pinterest – whether it’s a photo of protesters against the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline or photos of poor environmental practices at a company – could facilitate an acceleration of the green movement like we’ve never seen before.

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  • Yes, I agree with you. I opened an account on Pinterest today and will be posting images of our ENERGY STAR compliant industrial printing solutions.