How to Get Your Company to Accept the Cost of Going Green

Face it: As a project manager, your aim is to ensure that company projects are successful. Black and green are your favorite colors—you want the company to be in the black, and the path to making this happen is completely green. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save the company some “greens”—or money—by being an efficient project manager, and there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to go green—by being eco-friendly—in order to grow your own project management career opportunities as well as your wallet size at the end of the day. The question is how do you know that your project management office is really ready to go green?

First, you must realize that, yes—you want company operations to be greener, but you don’t want to cough up so much money initially in greening costs at the expense of business value. Rather, instead of focusing so heavily on implementing a major green overhaul of every single one of your company’s business processes, simply make sure that you take the environment into consideration when making project-related decisions. Going green doesn’t have to be hugely costly and time-consuming at the beginning; it just takes a refocusing of the mind and a few simple steps.

Second, provide green training for your project staff. Get them to embrace the “greenthink” concept of simply becoming more environmentally aware in their daily activities. In addition, make sure that they understand how the company’s new green practices have been implemented in the business’ existing processes.

Going green doesn’t have to require a ton of “greens.” Rather, by taking mini-steps at the beginning of your endeavor to become more eco-friendly, you can still make a big difference in the environment without costing the company more than it wants to give up for the feat. You’ll easily realize that the savings you generate—either by going completely electronic or by replacing the traditional wastebasket with new recycling bins, for example—can actually add up long-term, and the company will end up making more than it though it had lost.

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