Green Technology Company Creates New Route For Transportation

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Imagine driving electric cars for many hundreds of miles without ever needing to stop at an Electric Vehicle Charging Station to plug in your vehicle and fuel up to go the distance. Visionary Founder and CEO Gunnar Asplund of Swedish company Elways AB is determined to create a different kind of green technology where a revolutionary form of electric transportation is possible.

An innovative Elways’ structure for highway travel is currently being designed literally from the ground up to support all electric vehicles including personal automobiles and commercial fleet trucks. By developing a road-worthy platform of conductive feeding of electricity, Elways already has seven Swedish patents approved plus 20 more patents pending: 10 Swedish and 10 International.

According to a recent December Elways’ press release, the Swedish Energy Authority has granted Elways AB 9 million in SEK currency in order to validate the company’s patented designs, not only in theory but in practice. This remarkable green technology firm’s job is to now start testing its principles on specifically planned Swedish electrified roadways.

Enabling all vehicles full battery charging while driving is a far advancement from mere regenerative braking or simply plugging in when reserves are nearly depleted. It appears Elways has indeed conceived an unusual but smart solution for the general public’s electric car range anxiety by revamping roads to permit conductive feeding from underground to the automobile.

Yes there are challenges and tests to come, but the strategy behind this basic transportation philosophy is potentially plausible. Building a green highway infrastructure with this kind of technology requires large funding particularly from government resources; for future sustainability it’s exactly the kind of brilliant investment we need also in the US for developing more green technology jobs.

After extensive testing, Elways determined conductive feeding using energy transmissions via sliding contacts is the preferred method over inductive feeding which involves magnetic transmissions. Both these techniques transfer energy from below the vehicle versus above feeding systems such as what’s typically used for railways and trolleys in various locations.

For many green technology entrepreneurs like me, understanding these concepts is easier when seeing pictures and diagrams, and Elways has these examples on their website fully describing these charging technology perspectives. Their site provides an exceptional overview of the company’s journey from conception ideologies to analyzing clean energy supply options and electric feeding of road vehicles plus solutions and patent information.

Although I’ve often used my symbolic and original catch phrase “paving the path for a sustainable future” in business letters, this idea wasn’t meant literally until now. No doubt a huge hurdle for green technology job growth and utilization of cleaner transportation alternatives is building a sustainable infrastructure. Elways’ vision to successfully meet all inherent environmental challenges such as weather and road debris are openly discussed considerations on the company website.

Frequently asked questions like “How can the car know that the road is electrified?” and “How is snow and ice handled?” show the kinds of inherent testing that must be done to prove these new green technologies are viable, or find solutions to “make it so.” Luckily Elways AB realizes there are multiple possibilities for overhauling transportation using green technology ideas. For further information and details in English visit the Elways AB website.

By Trudee Lunden

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