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Green Jobs look bright at new independent Electric Car company headquartered in Dallas

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The future of US Green Technology Jobs looks bright indeed with a new independent Electric Car company headquartered in Dallas, TX that has surprisingly gone completely under the radar, boasting 100% pure electric power with up to 200-mile range and a top speed of 75+ mph for $37,300 to $39,300 MSRP. What’s not to love here?

Amid not one but three models to choose from, people can even have their pick from the E36 7-Passenger Station Wagon, the E36t Quarter Ton Pick Up Truck or the E36v Mini Cargo Van. They’re all built on an identical uni-body platform with front wheel drive, a proprietary EVBX-1 Powertrain and Patented Battery Management System.

Indeed, with EMC variety’s the spice of life!

Equally appealing is that these cars are being assembled in the US, and while I’m told the body design comes from a European manufacturer, at least it’s not made in China. (Having personally sold Chinese built Electric Vehicles I’m rather skeptical of utilizing China as a resource where new green technology, electric automobiles and frankly most other products are concerned.)

EMC’s primary engineering office plus continuous Research & Development is being handled at a second US office on the East Coast in Scarborough, Maine where they’re working to create more medium and heavy duty electric vehicles and additional electric body platforms.

Although the initial target for selling this impressive line is actually Fleet driven, I suspect once the cat is out of the bag there will without doubt be an equally high consumer demand for these cars. Most of the concerned hype and anxious worry about distance is removed if the 200-mile range proves true under normal driving conditions. The only potential challenge then may be in distribution.

However, Electric Mobile Cars also has an innovative plan for hurdling that hump too: an initial Dallas-based EV Learning Center where clients can interact directly with the products and gain first hand education about electrification in transportation. This part of the business is designed to help the public become more informed in a relaxed environment.

If this pilot concept proves worthy (and I believe it will as it makes perfect sense from a marketing perspective) more locations will be added nationally. Everything people need to know, see and test is then housed under one big roof, making this a truly unique destination for a family outing (a strategy similar to another innovative auto maker: Tesla Motors.) More so, the greater idea is that by scheduling and advertising events at this kind of facility, interest in Electric Transportation will grow exponentially (perhaps as quickly as rapid charging.)

Electric Mobile Cars’ E36t Pick Up Truck is set for a West Coast viewing debut this Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1 at the 6th Annual AltCar Expo. Best yet, its e36v Fleet Utility Vehicle will also be available in the Ride & Drive area. Of course I’ll be there asking a ton of questions, taking photos and going for a test drive (or two!) Look for my follow up post to appear soon.

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