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SOURCE: Green Technology Moves to Make Energy Work in North Carolina

Green Technology to Make Energy Work

U.S. Green Technology Moves to Make Energy Work in North Carolina

Making the world greener is not a solo act—it requires a collaborative effort, one that will set the stage for Mother Earth to remain vibrant for years and decades to come. That’s why 500 people representing three countries and 20 different states recently gathered in North Carolina to discuss sustainable energy—including U.S. Green Technology very own president, John Courtney.

The event—the NC Sustainable Energy Association’s (NCSEA) Making Energy Work 2014 conference—allowed Courtney and others last month to collaborate on how to move the state’s clean energy economy in a forward direction. Also at the conference were three plug-in electric automobiles, five inventions worthy of “Power Pitch” recognition and multiple high-ranking government officials.

“Power Pitch” is a series that appears every week on the CNBC show Power Lunch where founders and CEOs of cutting-edge and early-stage start-up companies pitch their new businesses—ones they believe will take them to explosive levels of success. The goal of these entrepreneurs is to pioneer change in the United States and throughout the world.

In addition, nine winners of the NCSEA Clean Energy Award were acknowledged at the Making Energy Work 2014 conference. The winners are all policymakers who have demonstrate their ability and willingness to work across the aisle in order to promote important polices for sustaining the state’s clean energy marketplace. U.S. Green Technology’s participation in the conference demonstrates its commitment to helping people who are active in the green movement to take their technological inventions, start-ups and campaigns to new heights for the benefit of the earth today and for generations to come.

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