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Brazil's Wind Power Market Has Grown Strongly During the Past Five Years

When Brazilians mention that they are going green through the power of the wind turbine, they’re not just blowing hot air. Over the past five years, the wind power sector in Brazil has vamped up tremendously – by more than 80 percent actually – thus showing that those going green in this sector aren’t just chasing the wind: Unlike the United States, they’re truly capitalizing on it.

The Brazilian government’s wind farm auctions process can be credited for much of the success of the wind power market in this South American nation recently. In fact, the wind power market is so promising in Brazil that it is projected to more than double by 2016 – in just four years. That puts them ahead of the United States, which actually is projected to decline in this green market area, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. A new report that came out in March 2012 actually highlights and analyzes the nation’s growing wind power market.

At the end of 2009, wind power in Brazil reached an installed capacity of 602 megawatts – enough to power a city about 300,000 homes. Wind power especially is critical in this nation following a drought that occurred in Brazil and cut water to the nation’s hydroelectric dams, which led to several energy shortages since hydroelectricity has made up more than 75 percent of the nation’s electricity.

Wind power simply is a way for Brazil to diversity its energy portfolio so that it is not totally reliant on water – and so far, the new green energy focus appears to be a breeze. The nation essentially held its first wind-only energy auction in 2009, and more than 85 percent of the nation’s domestically produced energy that year was renewable energy, according to the 2009 National Energy Balance from the Energy Research Corp.

Brazil definitely is leading the green way in South America, with its wind energy accounting for 70 percent of the total of all of Latin America. It’s an opportunity the nation simply cannot afford to allow blow right by them – and an opportunity of which the United States should continue to take advantage in order to stay competitive in the green world internationally.

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