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The greenest cars for 2017

Best Greenest Cars For 2017

2017 has been a great year for the auto industry thus far. Manufacturers are finally turning to hybrids and electric cars, meaning that the trend will continue to materialize throughout this year. Specialists agree that because fuel prices will remain low, increasingly more consumers will choose to go green and invest in an eco-friendly vehicle. That being said, here are some of 2017’s greenest cars that you might want take a closer look at.

Tesla Model 3

Apart from being one of today’s coolest and most pioneering vehicles, Tesla’s Model 3 the type of car everyone craves for. It looks sleek and stylish, and it is quite interesting inside out. Fans of the Tesla brand won’t be disappointed as Model 3 costs around $35,000. In terms of in-car features, we should mention a range of 215 mph, autopilot feature, polished design, lots of advanced tech inside, and the ability to get to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Chevrolet Bolt

 The latest model of Chevrolet Bolt is not your average type of Chevy. The sleek hatchback is an excellent family vehicle that packs 200 horsepower under its hood. For an electronic vehicle, it’s actually impressive that it reaches 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. 2017 is a competitive year for EV cars, meaning that it’s natural for manufacturers to try and stay ahead of the game. Chevy Bolt is a rather small car, but it’s incredibly practical and spacious on the inside.

BMW i3

 A bit pricey for a coupe-roofed crossover with a weird design, but somehow BMW’s latest i3 works. The car packs an interesting, avantgarde design that’s hard to ignore, especially in the front. The i3 has a fully-electric engine with 81 miles on board; with an additional built-in generator, it gets to 150 miles. The design of the car is polarizing, but if you’re on the market for a different type of vehicle that grabs attention, this is it.

Volkswagen E-Golf

 Since every notable car manufacturer on the market is currently working on hybrid or electric, it was about time for Volkswagen to join the pack. Its most recent variant: the E-Golf. The manufacturer has made quite an impression when it released this model. It packs a range of 124 miles, and it managed to become a very popular TDI vehicle is just a few months. Featuring an onboard charger, Volkswagen’s fully electric also includes parking assist and automated emergency braking.

Honda Clarity

Featuring a slightly better range and mileage than Toyota’s Mirai model, this year’s Honda Clarity model is an excellent option for those looking to invest in a reliable hybrid car. The style of the vehicle is divine. It’s simple yet sleek, innovative and appealing. The range is about 366 miles, which equals 68 mpg. Premium materials were used to craft the inside, and the integrated fuel cell technology will definitely peak your interest.

Audi A3 e-Tron

Will Audi’s A3 e-Tron model live up to your expectations? Thus far, we’re definitely pleased with the design. It looks original and fresh, and if you’re an Audi fan you’ll instantly recognize it. Under the hood we have a staggering 204 horsepower, which is more than enough for a hybrid. There’s also manually-shifted DCT rather than a standard CVT already present in most hybrid variants on the market. The A3 e-Tron is also an energy-efficient plug-in hybrid. You can easily drive for up to 16 miles without wasting any fuel. The current features are without a doubt promising, the hatchback being extremely spacious and extremely practical and easy to drive.

We’ve started to grow extremely attached to green cars. Things have changed a lot in the industry lately. Increasingly more manufacturers are switching their business model, and have started chasing the eco-friendly trend. Some variants are the perfect combination between increased efficiency, speed and luxurious features. The choices you have available are endless. What’s your favorite model for this 2017? We’re eager to see what Porsche will do to live up to the competition, and somehow make it become a beautiful green car too. There’s high potential for the green auto industry, especially now that consumers want everything to be smart, fast, efficient, but environmentally-friendly.

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