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President Barack Obama, along with Grounds Superintendent Dale Haney and White House Chief Usher Rear Admiral Stephen W. Rochon (Ret.), participates in a commemorative tree planting ceremony on the North Grounds of the White House, October 28, 2009.

Benefits of Plants

There are innumerable ways in which we can benefit from the plants and trees. The survival of human beings and every other living creature on this planet is entirely dependent on plants. Our race has survived so far, because of the trees and it is impossible to imagine a world without natural greenery.

Plants and trees are wonders of nature, that are a blessing for the creatures on this earth. They are the main source of food for humans and most animals. They purify the environment and provide us with fresher air to breath. Plants and shrubs that are placed close together help in reducing noise levels, with their Windbreaks. Trees render cool shade, which helps in bringing down the temperature in blazing summer. The evaporating water from the plants produces a cooling effect, that results in energy conservation.

Studies reveal that plants have the capability of reducing stress and promoting positive thoughts. Being surrounded with plants and trees is known to improve memory and concentration. Nature has a calming influence on the minds of individuals, which helps in performing better. Having ornamental plants around the house or at workplace results in better concentration and effective performance.

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