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Wind Jobs: How Many Wind Jobs Are in the U.S.? How Many Are Possible?

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A single wind farm can create about 1,100 wind jobs. Across the country, roughly 75,000 Americans are employed in wind jobs, but if we develop our offshore wind potential, that number could increase to 300,000.

In recent studies, the Natural Resources Defense Council found that wind energy has grown over 170 percent in the last four years, and renewing the Production Tax Credits for wind energy this year could keep us on that path.

The NRDC recently released two reports that explore the benefits wind power brings to our economy and communities. “American Wind Farms: Breaking Down the Benefits from Planning to Production,” explains how wind has positively impacted businesses like contractors, manufacturers and engineers. The other report, “At Wind Speed: How the U.S. Wind Industry is Rapidly Growing Our Local Economies,” details the benefits wind farms bring to individual communities in the form of lower energy costs and wind jobs. Most of those numbers in the top paragraph come from these reports.

The National Wildlife Foundation is also chiming in to support the PTC. Their report, “The Turning Point for Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy,” found that the U.S. is home to some of the most prime offshore wind real estate in the world–all of it as yet undeveloped. Over 1,300 gigawatts of wind energy potential is available off the Atlantic coast. Even developing 52 gigawatts of that potential could create about 300,000 wind jobs.

Reports like those by the NRDC and the NWF are being released not only to educate the public and officials about the boons of wind power and the possibilities for wind jobs, but to support the renewal of the production tax credits that make this growth possible.

By Leslie Hedrick

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