How to pick green furniture for your house

Ethan Allen store, Ann Arbor, MI
Ethan Allen store, Ann Arbor, MI

Nowadays, increasingly more people are looking to turn to green furniture. However, finding the perfect type is not as easy as it seems, and general price is not very affordable. There are many homeowners who don’t seem very interested in the concept of “green furniture” because they don’t even pay attention to the furniture they have in their homes. Going green will remarkably influence both your health and the planet, and once you’ve decided to make this choice you should have no regrets. The wide range of designers that create green furniture can make your job a bit more difficult, but the efforts will pay off sooner than you’d expect.

This article is designed to guide your green furniture search and guarantees that after reading the tips you will know exactly what to look for.

Look for furniture made of certified sustainable wood

Despite of what most people think, earth-friendly furniture can be made of cloth, wood, plastic, and metal. Therefore, if you somehow manage to come across furniture made of certified sustainable wood during your search, you should know that this option is for real. There are plenty of sustainable ways through which wood can be harvested, and the main sources of certified sustainable wood are reclaimed wood, as well as sustainable harvested tree farms or forests.

Reclaimed materials used in furniture

Believe it or not, wood is very resistant in time, and as long as it’s carefully taken care of, there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for furniture made of reclaimed wood. More and more designers are currently turning their attention to reclaimed wood, and most of their brand-new designs are made of old furniture or houses that have been restored. Even though this type of furniture is extremely resource-efficient, not everybody gets the chance to purchase it, as the supply is limited.

You may not know this, but bamboo is not a tree but a grass. Besides, it’s so versatile and grows so fast that all environmental builders and designers have begun to use it as a main material. Bamboo can be turned into windows blinds, flooring, furniture, and even into veneers. Most bamboo available on the market is brought from China and is grown without any pesticides. Bamboo forests are very easy to maintain healthy, even though this basically means that they require plenty of water. To cut the story short, bamboo is a perfect green material.

Make sure that the furniture is fixable and durable

When it comes to green products, all of your attention should be directed towards durability. Therefore, you are advised to make sure that the furniture you purchase can be repaired. There’s no use in spending impressive amounts of money on green furniture that lasts only for a couple of years. The problem is that recyclable materials may sometimes be unfixable, meaning that their reprocess and replacement will still use a lot of resources such as energy. Durable pieces of furniture can be passed on to another person in case you don’t like them anymore.

Buy Used

This is the simplest way of going green without having to spend impressive amounts of money. When you purchase a second-hand furniture item, you recycle something old without being wasteful. However, an inconvenience may be the fact that you cannot know for sure whether the furniture contains any dangerous chemicals and toxic finishes or not. Once you’ve established that you’re willing to buy used green furniture, nothing should prevent you from doing it.

Do It Yourself

The best part is that green furniture can be made within your own home. You don’t need to be very skilled, as the process is not very complicated. Once you’ve bought recycled wood certified by the FSC, things will become so much easier. However, make sure that the wood you have purchased is indeed Eco-friendly. Ask as many questions as possible and encourage the sales person to provide you with as many details as they can. There’s no use in buying a material that will make you work in vain, so checking twice won’t bring any harm.

All in all, green furniture is a great choice that will benefit not only the health of your family, but also the health of the planet. Eco-friendly materials can really make a difference if chosen properly, so choose to decorate your home the smart way.

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