Micro Hydro Power

From Bacteria to Biofuel

We are constantly striving to define the world around us not only for the sake of control, but to also see if it can’t offer us more. Research is always being performed to create life saving medicines from rainforest plants, and animals are often used to develop life enhancing surgeries. Aside from the occasional new species found, we often feel ...

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EPA Recognizes Google and Ingram Micro Inc. For Being Green

U.S. Green Technology | Where Main Street Meets Green Street

U.S. Green Technology specializes in connecting job seekers interested in green jobs to quality employers. Whether you are looking for a specific green-collar job or a position with a company with sustainable business practices, U.S. Green Technology provides opportunities at all skill levels and varying industries. Search in one of the popular searches above! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection ...

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Title for Green Tech Revolution Catalyst Up for Grabs

When you think of the trend-setting iPod, Steve Jobs of Apple likely comes to mind. If you look at the predominate use of computer software, you likely would link this invention to Bill Gates and Microsoft. Mark Zuckerbergh is the individual seen as the catalyst for the revolution of social media thanks to his popular Facebook creation. But who do ...

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