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The Importance of Solar Energy in Our Economy

What are the Economic Benefits of Solar Energy?

The use of solar energy has never been new to us. We’ve been harnessing the suns energy since 1839 until today, we’ve seen how it works and we’ve seen its importance as an individual.

Solar energy is one of the most sustainable energy we humans ever developed, but there are still few who asks, how does the use solar energy affects our economy?

For decades we’ve been used to use coal as our main source of electricity. Many viewed the solar industry as little more than a rich man’s gamble as money became to be one of the primary issues why we can’t switch to solar.

Well, those hard old days are all gone. In the last few years, solar energy cuts its price in whooping 80% and instantly became not just being a viable source of energy but also a source of economic benefit as well. It became widely used as solar became cheaper than coal, it became an option for those who want to save money on their utilities, so while solar cuts down harmful emissions, it also became a valuable source of income throughout the world.

Here are the top 3 economic benefits of using solar energy:

Everybody is Saving Money

The average household, depending on where it is located, can drastically cuts its energy savings from $20,000 to over $60,000 in two decades use of solar energy.

Not just for individual households, but commercial entities are also seeing the green in switching green. Walmart, the biggest retailer of the world for example is now as the largest commercial solar power in the U.S. With their ongoing investments, a whooping $1 billion energy savings a year is predicted by 2020.

Job Opportunities

Employment in solar energy industry added a whopping 20% between 2013 and 2014.
Solar energy jobs keeps popping up that it grew 12 times as fast as the US economy.

Solar distributors also play an important role in solar industry as it helps manufacturers to do business with professional & capable solar installers that makes more jobs for people. Optimus Energy, a leading whole sale solar distributor in Australia for example, doesn’t only assists solar companies in Australia to do business better, but also assists those in need to access solar technology, so while helping people get their jobs, they are also educating individual households on how solar energy helps them, a win-win for them.

Environmental Value

The main reason why solar energy was built is not to cut our energy bills but to cut the global carbon emissions. Solar power’s low carbon footprint, low emissions and long-term sustainability make for healthier people, waterways, soil, animals and beyond. It’s a benefit that’s clearly invaluable, but it makes good financial sense, too.

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