Interview with Aromahead Institute: Creating Green Jobs with Essential Oils

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Aromahead Institute is a school of essential oils and aromatherapy, where you can become a certified aromatherapist. They have classes online and in person teaching the art, science and business of aromatherapy–yes, I said business! Andrea Butje, Aromahead’s founder and one of its primary instructors, has taught hundreds of people to create their own green jobs working with essential oils.

Andrea kindly granted me an interview to talk about how she guides people to create their own green jobs.

USGT: What kinds of people come to Aromahead to learn about starting green jobs?

AB: We get a surprisingly wide variety of people, although most are women. Moms who want to start small businesses in their homes, yoga teachers, healthcare professionals looking to add essential oils to existing practices–people like massage therapists, acupuncturists, nurses and pharmacists. Some of our graduates make and sell bath-and-body products, and many go on to teach aromatherapy themselves. About half of the businesses our graduates start are online, and the other half are brick-and-mortar.

USGT: What kind of investment goes into creating green jobs with essential oils?

AB: Like any business, there is an initial investment. I would say a few thousand dollars, in terms of supplies, gaining exposure and education. The feedback I get is the cost is very little compared to most other start-ups, and it can be very affordable if someone is creative and uses free online tools.

USGT: How long does it take the typical student to graduate from Aromahead?

AB: For in person classes, the whole 400 hours can be completed in four months. Online, some people finish in 4 to 5 months, while others take two years if they’re taking classes part-time, working around their own schedule.

Andrea’s latest book, Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home, is available in paperback or eBook through In it, she shares 60 recipes for using essential oils anyone can make. Thanks for the great information on green jobs and Aromahead, Andrea!

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