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Introducing email Recycling: OfficeZilla Partners with

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AtlantaOfficeZilla, an online office supply company, has partnered with email recycling visionary to help create a greener, cleaner electronic shopping experience. is an industry leader in converting e-mail, spam and junk-mail back into reusable bits – the building blocks of the Internet.

“It just seemed like a natural partnership,” said OfficeZilla CEO Darin Kraetsch, also the CEO and co-founder of national retail franchise Flip Flop Shops. “We already provide a large assortment of recycled paper and thousands of other earth-friendly products, so it just made sense that we should also help recycle electronic mail. Our investment in is an investment into our kids’ future and into the sustainability of the World Wide Web.”

“How does it work?” says Imagin Rameany, CEO of the Internet firm “We get that question a lot. The answer is simple. We strip these messages down to their core parts, the characters.  Then, through our proprietary BitStripper™ process we convert those characters back into reusable bits, which can then be sold in bulk to Internet Service Providers. We are proud of our track record. No matter what the email message is, our systems can break them down into completely anonymous, renewable bits.”

Rameany encourages consumers who want to participate in the eco-friendly practice of email recycling to forward their junk mail to

Email recycling is a cutting-edge technology. It allows the reuse of all email, even the most virus-filled messages. The servers are able to dissect the components of the message without reading them – this prevents any malicious code from being executed. Then, the individual characters are stored on multiple servers in a random order, to ensure that any private information sent cannot be reconstructed.

“Think of it like running these emails through a Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Shredder,” says Kraetsch. “What comes out the other end is unreadable and perfect for recycling.”

Meanwhile, OfficeZilla President Brian Curin, also the President and co-founder of Flip Flop Shops, said, “We are completely stoked about this partnership. What comes out of this is huge. We are able to bundle these new bits into bytes, and then we can sell those at a very reasonable rate to anyone. Internet Service Providers are buying our product by the kilo. Nobody likes landfills. And, before this, that was what we had with all this junk-mail. It was just cluttering the Internet with unusable waste. Not anymore.”

“This fits right in with our culture at OfficeZilla,” said Kraetsch. “We already carry a wide variety of recycled and earth-friendly products from trusted name brands. We are proud to be pioneering this new green market of recycled bits. We own a substantial portion of this incredible business opportunity and will be looking for synergistic ways to implement email recycling with our other green initiatives.”

Rameany adds, “It’s not just recycling, it is e-cycling™. And, we are protecting the future by making a present of the past.”

For more information on OfficeZilla and their green, earth-friendly products, visit To learn more about email recycling, visit

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