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Keeping a Clean and Eco-friendly Home for Your Family

A Room-by-Room Guide to Making Your House Eco-Friendly

Between work, kids and other obligations, house cleaning can oftentimes take a backseat to the other items on your to-do list. However, when it does come time to clean your house, many folks may not realize, as they are cleaning away dirt and grime, that they are actually encouraging toxic chemicals to flow freely throughout their homes (and our planet) with the non eco-friendly products they use.

So what’s the answer? Read on to learn more about your options.

Toxic Chemicals Hiding in Your Products

Many folks today struggle with the desire to have a clean home and a need to ensure their home is free of harmful toxins, both for the sake of their families and the sake of the environment. Household cleaning products — from floor cleaners to air fresheners to detergents and everything in between — contain a litany of chemicals that can be toxic. According to Experience Life, some of the most dangerous substances found in household cleaners include the following:

Phthalates – Phthalates are an ingredient in many products that give off a fragrance, including air fresheners and dish soap. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, therefore they can have a negative effect on sperm counts and can affect the organs through skin absorption.

Triclosan – Triclosan is found in many dish detergents and antibacterial soaps. Experts say that there’s no indication that antimicrobials are effective and the overuse of them can make folks develop a resistance to them. On top of that, current studies are investigating whether this substance can adversely affect hormones.

Chlorine – Chlorine is often found in scouring cleaners and toilet and mildew cleaners. Chlorine poses risks of fume and skin exposure. Chlorine can irritate the respiratory system as well as the thyroid.

Worried yet? Here are some options to consider for trustworthy cleaning solutions:

Back to Eco-friendly Basics

If you choose to steer clear of conventional cleaners, there are some all-natural ingredients you can use to create your own homemade household cleaners.

For example, you can combine water, white vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils to create an all-purpose cleaner. For an all-natural floor cleaner, you can add two tablespoons of vinegar to a gallon bucket of warm water, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a bit of castile soap. And for a DIY furniture polish, combine two cups of water with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of vinegar in a spray bottle.

Eco-friendly Products You Can Trust

If you plan on using commercial cleaning products, it’s important to choose a line you can trust. Amway is a trusted brand that has been around for decades and offers a wide variety of reliable cleaning solutions.

Amway is committed to the well-being of its customers and the health of the environment. Thus, the company uses fewer chemicals than most store-bought cleaning products. Amway products have less of an impact on the environment, so that you can feel good about what you use to clean your home. From laundry to surface cleaners to air treatments, Amway offers all the products you need for your best home.

Understanding the impact that cleaning products can have is essential. And taking your family’s health and the environment into consideration prior to choosing cleaning products is a key step in leaving a positive footprint on our earth. Now go ahead, clean house with a clean conscience.

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