Kenmore 21.9 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator

Needing a refrigerator that keeps your food cold, your meats frozen and fresh water available all the time? The Kenmore black 21.9 cu. ft. French-door bottom-freezer refrigerator does this while creating a contemporary look for your kitchen (Sears Item No.: 04672009000; Model No.: 7200).

The Kenmore 21.9 cu. ft. French-door bottom-freezer refrigerator qualifies as an ENERGY STAR® appliance in that it uses up to 20 percent less energy than refrigerators that lack this qualification. In addition, the appliance uses just 459 kWh/y.

The Kenmore 21.9 cu. ft. French-door bottom-freezer refrigerator features French doors, which make your kitchen look more modern and classy. The inside of the refrigerator is equally as impressive, as it includes an internal water dispenser that offers clean water on demand. Also, the shelves in the refrigerator are spill-proof and made of glass, so the likelihood of spilled orange juice from one shelf dripping to the shelf below is small.

Storing long items such as a rack of ribs also is easy with the Kenmore 21.9 cu. ft. French-door bottom-freezer refrigerator, as the appliance provides a pantry drawer that is large enough to hold such items. The freezer is located at the bottom of the appliance as well, so you have easier access to your more-often-used refrigerator while still being able to access your freezer items when necessary.

The Kenmore 21.9 cu. ft. French-door bottom-freezer refrigerator additionally offers the unique Quick Ice feature. With this feature, the refrigerator and freezer unit produces ice very quickly, thus providing enough ice for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or birthday party.

The Kenmore 21.9 cu. ft. French-door bottom-freezer refrigerator features a price of $1,343.99.The purchase of ENERGY STAR® products is rising, leading to a more green consumer base in the United States and thus growth in opportunities for green jobs, with green jobs offering viable employment options for American workers.

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