Marvell Technology Group Seeks to Shrink Its Footprint

Marvell Technology Group Reduces Its Ecological Footprint - Image from Marvell Technology Group

“Footprint Zero” is the name of Marvell Technology Group’s green technology initiative, and the name says it all. The company emphasizes that it – like all companies – should not simply be working for green dollars but also be working for the greenness of the world by decreasing its environmental footprint.

Through “Footprint Zero,” Marvell Technology Group – one of the biggest fabless semiconductor companies across the globe – the company strives to offer green engineering and industry leadership in the green movement in addition to providing an ecologically friendly workplace. The business in 2005 began an energy-savings program aimed at decreasing the consumption of energy at its Santa Clara, Calif., headquarters.

In addition, Marvell Technology Group actively participates in industry organizations that support green actions, such as the Semiconductor Industry Association, Global Semiconductor Association and the Environmental Defense Fund. The company also has manufactured a digital signal processing-based power factor correction controller for power supplies that greatly reduces the energy use of personal computers in addition to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, Marvell Technology Group was the first company to market this type of product.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a cleaner future for the global community by actively contributing our time and technology to help solve the environmental crisis,” the company says on its website.

Also, Marvell Technology Group constantly monitors and enhances its carbon dioxide levels, purchases only EnergyStar products, recycles electronic waste and strives to reduce its water usage.

If you have engineering experience and want to be part of this company’s major green efforts, you can consider applying for Marvell Technology Group’s opening for a senior engineer. For more information on this green job, listed on U.S. Green Technology’s green jobs board, visit the link below.

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