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Methods to Teach Children About Sustainability

There are many ways you can teach your children to be more conscientious about their world and what it means to reduce humanity’s impact on the Earth. What ways can help you raise children learn about sustainability?

1. Recycle Regularly – One of the most popular methods of sustainability, recycling has been around for quite some time. As important as it was decades ago, this method of sustainability is simplistic and mandatory in certain areas. Just because it isn’t a law in your area, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part to provide a sustainable future for your children. Why not make it a game to recycle the most weight each month? Set goals and try to surpass what was recycled from the month before.

2. Teach Kids About Solar Power – Regardless of the age of your children, there are many places you can buy solar project kits for the kiddies. These projects can be small toys that operate off of solar panels to more elaborate developments with parts purchased from your local hardware store. Teach the children about free continual energy from the intensity of light. They may be surprised to learn that not everything that requires power has to be plugged into the wall socket.

3. Garden for Food – Grocery stores are usually the primary method of getting food for the household. Why not teach children to grow their own foods in the garden? This can help provide a sense of sustainability as your children can learn to feed themselves without relying on money or grocery stores. In fact, you could build an indoor garden to produce foods year round if you have the room.

4. Use Non-Toxic Cleaners – Teach your children how to use organic cleaners and why it’s important to steer clear of toxic alternatives. Chemicals are dumped into the environment at an incredible rate from the homeowners alone. Explain how the very things that are making life easier for people are actually what are causing a great deal of damage to our planet. The conveniences of many technologies are contributing to the possible future demise of humanity, and the children need to understand the importance of changing this mindset.

5. Practice By Example – It’s much easier to teach a child to be more conscientious about sustainability if you practice these measures yourself. Although you can tell your children to toss aluminum cans in the recycling bin or turn off the lights when leaving a room, it is counter-productive if you don’t do these things yourself. Children learn many of their behaviors from watching the parents.

Influencing young minds now about sustainability can help shape the future when the little ones grow to replace those currently in charge. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort to be more conscientious, your children will follow suit and form a habit of practicing sustainability themselves.


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