Need a Job? The Growing Green Industry is Hiring This Spring

You may be wondering when you’ll see your job search efforts finally take root. Sometimes you feel like your resumes are seeds that are landing on infertile ground. Maybe you need new ground—specifically, “green” ground. In today’s job market, green jobs truly are opening up a wealth of fruitful career opportunities, and the year 2014 looks especially promising for green job seekers who are looking for a harvest.

Green Job Outlook

The Ecotech Institute Clean Jobs Index, which measures green jobs throughout America, indicates that in 2014, green jobs will be in high demand. This information not only paints a positive-future picture for green job seekers but also for students who are embarking on green careers, for educators who promote the green industry and for leaders in the clean technology sector.

The solar energy industry especially looks promising, with job openings arising in areas ranging from sales to installation work. In addition, thousands of career opportunities are available in energy facility management, power utilities, electrical engineering and energy efficiency-related roles.

Green Education Outlook

Those who are interested in completing graduate school degrees tied to the green industry may actually have the most secure futures long-term. For instance, you may be interested in a green master’s degree in business administration, environmental engineering or management, energy policy, or sustainability design.

CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson, according to The Wall Street Journal, said there’s a chance that the United States will soon experience the “inflation” of education, meaning that bachelor’s degrees will no longer be enough to claim most jobs. Therefore, a master’s degree indeed may be necessary to avoid being “undereducated” and thus remain employable in the future—including in the green job sector.

Green Job Application Tips

Besides meeting a certain green job’s educational requirements, you can increase you chance of claiming that job by portraying confidence during an interview and showing that your job-related skills are up-to-date, according to CareerBuilder. Be sure that you thoroughly research the organization’s culture so that you can more effectively prove why you’ll be the best fit for the job compared with other job candidates.

Although some current media reports point to a still fledgling job market in the United States, the reality is that the green industry specifically is on the upswing this spring. If you work hard to plant your resume in green employers’ hands in 2014, you truly can reap the fruits of your labor long-term—and so will Mother Earth.

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