SunBank can charge your devices as fast as a wall charger. (Image from

New Solar Power Bank Set to Take Market by Storm

SunBank, a new solar power bank, is super lightweight, and can charge your devices as fast as a wall charger. But what sets it apart from the other solar charges on the market?

SunBank can charge your devices as fast as a wall charger. (Image from–2#/)

SunBank found a simple issue: we need to keep our phone charged to keep up with our busy lives, but simply have too many cords involved with all of our devices. So they cut the cord — literally.

SunBank is the first solar power bank in the world that is completely wireless. You won’t need any cables to charge it, nor will you need any cables to charge your phone or other devices with it. So does it work?

The secret is a smart sticker that you stick to the back of your phone. Once this sticker is on the phone, you can charge it wirelessly from the SunBank for life, without cables. For lightning fast charging, the system also has magnets that can expand the solar cells and fully charge your mobile device in under two hours. It also syncs with the SunBank mobile app, which acts as your personal assistant and can help you charge your phone whenever you need to.

In addition to the wireless capabilities, SunBank can also charge two devices at the same time via two USB ports.

SunBank is in the prototype phase and seeks $15,000 on Indiegogo to move the product into production. Check out the SunBank campaign on Indiegogo to consider getting on the ground floor.

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