New Year’s Can Mean a New Green Job for You—One You Can Literally Start Today

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A New Year Can Mean a New Rewarding Green Job/Promotion Opportunity with Arbonne
A New Year Can Mean a New Rewarding Green Job/Promotion Opportunity with Arbonne

Now the 2012 is drawing to a close, maybe you’re thinking that you actually want to get somewhere career-wise in 2013. You’re tired of the rush-hour commute, tired of the big boss breathing down your neck every day, and tired of your missing Johnny’s soccer games or Susie’s ballet lessons simply because you’re stuck in an office with little paid time off. With Arbonne, however, you can stop commuting during the worst hours of the day; stop being micromanaged like a fish in a glass tank; and stop missing important moments with your family. You can finally take control of your own life, and in a very green way.

The year 2013 can truly be, for you, what the number 13 stands for in many legends: ascension, power, realization, and attainment. Your number 13 this year doesn’t have to be unlucky—rather, this can be your luckiest year yet. In fact, by the end of 2013, you can probably be farther along in your career than you have ever gotten in the past five years or more.

With Arbonne, you begin as an independent consultant who promotes products that naturally sell themselves (pun intended): After all, Arbonne is a leading brand of environmentally friendly beauty, wellness and health products that are botanically based and dermatologist-proven. You then have the option of easily working your way up to becoming a district manager. The following promotions include those of an area manager, regional vice president, and even national vice president.

Imagine your name, and then imagine “National Vice President” in front of it: It has a nice ring, doesn’t it? There’s something about owning your own business that instills pride in a person, but when you can actually run your own business while helping the environment, enriching other people’s lives and particularly enriching your own pocketbook, becoming your own Arbonne business owner is even more appealing. With Arbonne, you can truly enjoy success on your own terms in 2013!

By Jennifer Bunting

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