“O,” No! Stop Outsourcing and Start “Cloud Staffing” for Your Next Business Project

GoogleWave is One Way to go Green by Cloud Staffing - Image from Google.com
GoogleWave is One Way to go Green by Cloud Staffing – Image from Google.com

Who needs to outsource when you can live on a “cloud” instead? In today’s business world, outsourcing has gained a negative reputation: Not only is the labor associated with it often viewed as “cheap” and “low-quality” but also it has been blamed for the loss of many American jobs. Why not get from underneath the cloud of this old business model and leap onto Cloud 9 with an up-and-coming focus on green “cloud staffing.”

The problem with the “O” word is that it truly does have a negative connotation: When you even mention the word “outsourcing,” employees begin to feel the need to tweak their resumes and prepare for their jobs to end up on the chopping block. Companies that have outsourced projects during the past few decades have often been blamed for choosing low-cost labor in an effort to save on their bottom lines while giving traditional employees the axe. However, cloud staffing is a new way to save on costs while still keeping workers under your thumb—all while going green.

The benefit of cloud staffing is that you don’t have to totally hand your company project over to a third party. Instead, you still retain control of the workers who are handling your project, as they still work directly under you. You can simply choose American workers who are skilled yet affordable from every corner of the country, thanks to today’s technologies. For instance, consider using Dropbox, GoogleWave or even Skype to communicate with your workers and to easily share documents and videos with all workers, all in one place.

In the past, small businesses especially had to rely on outsourcing in order to trim their costs, but they had to give up quality in the process. With cloud staffing, though, companies of any size can cut costs while still keeping their quality strong. You can also reduce your carbon footprint because all of your business tasks are handled virtually. Cloud staffing surely can keep your bottom line strong while helping you to remain top-of-the-line in your customer’s book.

By YaShekia King

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