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President Barack Obama addressed an audience of more than 450 people at the Nellis Solar Power Plant on May 27, 2009. ©U.S. Green Technology

Obama’s Clean Energy Savings

Obama’s Clean Energy Savings For All Americans Plan

Almost a year after unveiling his Clean Power Plan, President Barack Obama has revealed an exciting new initiative to bring solar energy to low-income homes across the nation. Launched on Tuesday, the scheme, known as the Clean Energy Savings For All Americans initiative, is set to generate a gigawatt of solar produced energy by the year 2020. This is ten times the amount of solar power which is produced in America currently.

In order to bring the Clean Energy Savings For All Americans plan to life, Obama has had to work closely with no less than six separate federal agencies, with a few to making solar power as affordable and accessible as possible to as broad a spectrum of American people as possible.

For example, the Veteran Affairs Department and the housing and Urban Development Department are collaborating in order to help home owners purchase rooftop solar panels and other renewable energy builds via their property tax bills.

However, as not everyone in America owns their own home, the American Energy Department is awarding anything up to $100,000 to disadvantaged communities so they can build their own solar farms. In practice, solar farms generate very large quantities of electricity which is stored and later sent to homes and businesses for use. In addition to supplying power to such areas, the Energy Department’s scheme will provide meaningful employment to these areas, as local labourers are hired to build the solar farms. Subsequently, these workers will be trained to work at the finished solar farms meaning that they can remain in stable employment for the long term.

Housing authorities from 36 American States have pledged to partake in the Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Savings For All Americans initiative, contributing a grand total of $287 million to the cause between them. This sum should be enough to fund a full 280 megawatts of clean, renewable energy for use in areas of low income and less privilege all across America.

While there are around one million American homes geared up for solar energy currently, they are most commonly found in wealthy areas such as the more affluent parts of California. President Obama seems keen to address this issue and bring balance to America’s solar distribution. Upon launching the Clean Energy Savings For All Americans plan on Tuesday he said, “Solar panels are no longer for wealthy folks who live where the sun shines every day. Today we’re offering even more families and communities to choose clean energy.”

More details on the Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Savings For All Americans scheme can be found at

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