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Porsche – Latest Hybrid model

Porsche – Latest Hybrid model That’s Socially Responsible and fun to drive

Porsche is known for its speedy, nimble sports cars that make driving so much fun. Fuel efficiency has never really been the company’s main focus, however they have made some moves in that direction. This is partly as a response to changes in the global marketplace. It’s also partly to satisfy government regulators, both in Germany and the US. Car enthusiasts will be glad to hear they’re not moving away from sports cars. Instead, they’re diversifying their product line with diesel and hybrid vehicles, too.

Apparently, the latest hybrid model is socially responsible and really fun to drive. Whether you’re an avid driver or just an amateur, a Porsche car is exactly what you need to feel green while on the road.

Developing the First Hybrid

The first diesel vehicle was the Cayenne SUV. Later, in 2010, the company brought out its first vehicle with a hybrid power train. The director of Cayenne operations for Porsche, Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert, said that for the company to grow, they have to enter new segments of the market. Porsche is convinced that there is a business case for adding diesel and hybrid vehicles to their lineup.

Hybrids have gained significant popularity in the US and that undoubtedly influenced the management team at Porsche. When they started to think about creating a hybrid vehicle, they first tried test driving competitive hybrid vehicles. Their concern was whether a hybrid could fit with the “fun to drive” quality that has always been important in Porsche cars. They decided that hybrid driving could be fun, and that adding these fuel efficient cars to their offerings would be a good move. Not only could they enter that market segment, but it would be a socially responsible move, and it could help satisfy environmental regulations in the US and Europe.

Volkswagen had worked together with Porsche on an earlier Colorado Project, which led to the VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne. Volkswagen was in a similar situation as Porsche when it came to hybrids, so the two companies decided to work together on creating a hybrid car. By 2007, the joint design team had a working prototype. In 2010, Porsche released its first hybrid vehicles – the Cayenne S Hybrid, and the Panamera Hybrid.

A Better Understanding of the Porsche Hybrid

The hybrid system developed by Porsche and Volkswagen is different from others on the market. A standard design is Toyota’s Synergy Drive. In that system, the gas and electric sides can work both in parallel and in series. A gas engine sends most of its power to the wheels, and an electric engine also adds power. It is a full hybrid, because the Toyota can run on gas, electric, or a combination.

In the Porsche design, the hybrid is a parallel system, with a clutch that allows the car to operate on gas power alone, electric power alone, a combination, or no power at all. The clutch is controlled by a sophisticated computerized Hybrid Manager. This can switch the car to use electric power alone, or have both sources engaged when you need some extra power for acceleration.

The Hybrid Manager also turns the power off altogether in some circumstances, allowing the car to coast at speeds as high as 86 mph. For example, when you drive downhill, the car will the engine off until you need it again. By adding the ability to stop the engine, they improved fuel economy for highway driving, too.

The Porsche Hybrid Into the Future

Rumor has it that the new hybrid system will arrive in the State in the fall of 2015. Its debut will most likely be on the next-gen Cayenne, and the company mentioned that they’re planning on selling 5,000-8,000 hybrid Cayennes per year. The system will also be incorporated in the Porsche Panamera sedan.

Company officials declared that the hybrid system won’t be featured in models such as the Cayman, 911 or Boxter because it would be impossible for them to fit the system into such tiny cars. Last but not least, the upcoming Porsche hybrids will also have various other systems integrated such as electro-hydraulic steering and electric-powered air conditioning.

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