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Power Home Group Can Green Your House and Your Wallet

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Power Home Remodeling Group moved into 58,000 sq. ft. (5,388 sq. m.) of space earlier this year in the Wharf at Rivertown in the city of Chester, PA

Power Home Remodeling Group is green inside and out, and it is striving to make homeowners’ residences green and give workers a green purpose as well. As the fourth largest home remodeling agency in the United States, Power Home Remodeling Group offers energy-saving home improvement products and a wide range of green jobs. The jobs allow workers to contribute to widespread efforts to help save the environment while also saving money.

“At PHRG (Power Home Remodeling Group), we have embraced the green movement,” says CEO Jeff Kaliner. “From the cups we drink in the office to our recycling initiatives at job sites, we’re doing our part.”

Power Home Remodeling Group installs only leading energy-efficient products during home remodeling projects and also has created a new recycling endeavor in an effort to decrease landfill waste. It additionally encourages customers to download electronic company warranties and brochures rather than getting physical documents, and it uses GPS to create the most fuel-efficient routes for installers, technicians and project managers.

In addition, energy-efficient furniture and other equipment are located at Power Home Remodeling Group’s headquarters in Chester, Penn.

If you embrace the green movement and have a strong interest and experience in sales and marketing, then Power Home Remodeling Group could be a suitable fit for you. Several green jobs at this company are available, including roles such as Client Development Representative, Sales Representative/Customer Service, Business Development Representative and even Field Relations Representative.

The following links will take you to the recent job posts for these Power Home Remodeling Group green jobs.

Client Development Representative:

Sales Representative/Customer Service:

Business Development Representative:

Field Relations Representative:

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