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Private MLM Energy Companies

We don’t normally think of energy companies as multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities, but the number of these companies continues to grow annually. Energy deregulation has created the opportunity for individuals to capitalize on the resulting financial benefits. Once restrictions and regulations are stripped away from an industry, government controls are also removed.

Energy deregulation is underway on a state-to-state basis. The goal of the states is to break up monopolies and enhance competition between smaller providers. By creating a separation between energy production, distribution, and final delivery to consumers, large utility companies are being reduced in size and scope by individual state deregulation. Prior to deregulation, large monopolies and local utilities controlled both energy production and distribution.

Ambit Energy is a MLM company providing energy in 14 states that have deregulation in their energy markets. Independent consultants are responsible for working with the company’s customers, and they work on a multi-level marketing platform. The states instituting energy deregulation are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. As more states deregulate their energy market, MLM companies are expected to move into those areas and provide consumers with additional energy options.

Utility companies purchase energy from the producers, and MLM companies do the same and resell to their consumers. By breaking up the energy monopolies, competition can thrive and everyone benefits. When business is more competitive, prices are lower and consumers can save money. Since energy is one of the major expenses in every home and business, deregulation and the formation of MLM energy companies is a welcome addition for energy users seeking to save money. MLM companies taking advantage of energy deregulation include Ambit Energy, Ignite Energy, Viridian, ACN, Momentis, and North American Power. Ambit Energy reviews from 2013 suggest that industry insiders still consider energy MLMs a high risk niche, though the potential bonuses are enormous.

Some of the MLM energy companies offer additional services to their customers.

  • – The products ACN offers includes cell phones, wireless Internet, and home security.
  • – Viridian is a “green” company offering solar energy.
  • – North American Power is another “green” energy provider providing customers with “greenelectric” and “cleangas.”
  • – In some states, North American Power is able to offer wind power.

The MLM method provides advantages for green energy companies to develop and implement financial opportunities for investors. Deregulation of the energy industry is benefiting the average consumer by offering greater selections in energy options, including several green choices. Complementary services that benefit everyone are also available.

You might decide you would like to pursue MLM energy as a business opportunity and earn money. You can supplement or replace your regular income by becoming a MLM energy distributor. Ambit Energy and the other MLM companies offers their customers a variety of ways to benefit, including earned gifts, energy discounts, and bonuses for recommending the energy services to family, friends, or neighbors who sign up.

Before you decide to switch to an MLM energy company, check out the services they offer in addition to their energy prices. Determine if you wish to be a regular customer or if you want to become a distributor and earn money from your participation. Not everyone will choose to participate in the MLM aspect of a company, but everyone can benefit by choosing to be a customer.

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