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How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Eco-friendly Glass

6 Efficient Ways Glass Products Can Be Implemented to Improve the Carbon Footprint of a Domestic Household

Glass sheets and other glass products offer great advantages in terms of their strength and looks, however one of the biggest features that often gets overlooked is their ability to minimize the carbon footprint of a house and reduce energy waste to a great extant. Glass sheets are known for their ability to insulate temperatures when installed with a small air gap between them, this is easily achieved using laminated glass with glazing on them. Glazing allows the laminated glass sheets to create an insulated layer of glass that doesn’t allow the inside maintained temperature to escape our and similarly keeps the outside temperature, cold or warm, entering into houses when installed right.

This insulating ability of the glass sheets enables the houses to require much less energy to keep their temperatures maintained to an enjoyable levels. Additionally, glass sheets come in fully clear or semi clear options, that allow them to pass the natural daylight through during the daytime. This also helps reduce the amount of energy required to keep the houses lit at least during daytime. When looking at efficient ways glass products can be implemented to improve the carbon footprint of a domestic household, these two features go a long way in favor of the glass sheets and boost their appeal to people who want to keep the environment more sustainable and to harm it as less as possible. Here are a few implementations of the glass products that make houses more energy efficient.

1: Laminated Glass Windows for Bedrooms

Glass windows are found in nearly every house and have been the trend of house decorations for a very long time now. This need of the glass windows has been a major one since the early days when artificial light was not as good as it is today. People implemented giant sized clear glass windows to illuminate rooms during the daytime. And today with the price of energy ever on the rise, this need is more than ever.

Bedrooms are where people spend most of their time when in the house, placing efficient clear laminated glass windows in the right corners or walls of the rooms has the ability to maximize daylight entering the rooms while keeping the harmful UV rays away. The artificial energy required to light the rooms up gets reduced by almost 50% as in most regions of the world the sun stays bright for half the day. This is one of the more efficient ways glass products can be implemented to improve the carbon footprint of a domestic household.

2: Glass Walls for Garden Facing Rooms

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Living rooms or other rooms that are facing the garden provide an excellent opportunity for their front walls to be made from clear laminated glass. For people who care about their privacy in living rooms, tempered laminated glass option provides the best solution as they are semitransparent and block view from the outside yet let all the required sunlight to travel in the rooms in order to reduce the amount of energy required to light them up. For better decorations, try corner glass shelves in same living rooms and the way the tempered glass shelves reflect light in all direction will create a beautiful effect.

Additional to the beauty this glass implementation will add to the living room, the fact that it will reduce the energy waste and improve the carbon footprint of the house, boosts its appeal and provides a beautiful yet functional solution for house owners.

3: Kitchen Glass Installations

Kitchens can be treated the same as well. Light is always required in kitchens at all times of the day, during the day time, natural light can be used as a replacement for artificial light to improve the carbon footprint of the house. Additionally, in colder climate countries, where kitchens are facing outwards, the warmth daylight can bring in the kitchens is much appreciated as well.

Clear or laminated glass windows and doors in the kitchen provide a very sustainable option, the laminated glass sheets are very durable and don’t break or crack any time soon. These not only look beautiful in the kitchens but also reduce the carbon footprint of the house efficiently.

4: Glass Windows and Shower Doors for the Bathrooms

For bathrooms, the principal stays almost the same as well. During the daytime, the energy required to light up the bathrooms can be reduced to almost nothing when efficient glass windows and glass shower doors are installed correctly. The glass windows will allow light to travel in the bathrooms and the shower doors will not only keep the rest of the bathroom dry and separated but also provide the person showering in the shower with bright natural light that will reduce the carbon footprint of the bathroom and the house with it efficiently.

5: All Glass Attic

Attics are very important parts of most houses. Often parents separate attics for their own relaxing time reading rooms or media rooms. In colder climates, the best idea is to install an all glass roof for the attics and enjoy the sunlight while lying down on the floor or any other surfaces preferred. The natural daylight will eliminate the energy required to keep the attic lit up and the warm sunlight will also eliminate energy required to keep it warm and the additional benefit will be that house owners can have a private make shift sunbathing area that they can enjoy during sunny days. When looking at efficient ways glass products can be implemented to improve the carbon footprint of a domestic household, this one for the attic gets top marks.

6: Laminated Glass Water Reservoirs

For countries in colder climates, warm water is one of the biggest energy expense. The energy required to warm water up is enormous. The best implementation with water reservoirs can be to make them entirely from laminated glass. Usually the water reservoirs are made from bricks or wood, and don’t allow the heat of the sun to penetrate into the water, clear glass reservoirs will allow sufficient heat from the sun to travel right through to the water, warming it up in the process and eliminating all the energy required to warm the water up as well. This has the ability to reduce the carbon footprint a great deal for the house owners and save much on energy bills in the process.

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