San Blas Islands
The San Blas Islands offer the perfect spot for those interested in ecotourism. © U.S. Green Technology

Ecotourism and Sustainability in the San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama offer an unrivaled landscape for those looking for an ecotourism adventure.

Ecotourism aims to give you a more fulfilling experience in a relatively untouched area. With a focus on the local culture and nature, you will enjoy a low-impact variety of tourism that leaves you enriched, having truly experienced a place rather than just visited.

The local Kuna communities in San Blas place high importance on the sustainability of their environment. The Kuna’s staunchly defend and preserve their natural lands and seas around them to create the pristine environment. Local and international governments and tourism firms wish to develop in the area, but as of yet, no big hotel chains exist in the islands and tourist attractions are limited. There aren’t any eco resorts at all on the islands but some eco lodges do exist.

The Kuna’s protect their fragile habitat by blocking outside developments and maintaining one of the world’s most untouched natural and cultural places. Learning their efforts to preserve the islands is a key component to truly appreciating the area while you are there.

The Kuna’s set a fine example for the rest of the world for maintaining culture and promoting a healthy environment. The Kuna’s still practice habits from older generations. These include closely monitoring the fish population, with no outsiders allowed to fish their waters. Lobster hunting is also limited yearly. Tourists aren’t even allowed to harvest coconuts without facing a steep fine.

Inter-community marriages are even rare to this day and are closely monitored when they do happen. Nearly all Kuna homes are ecologically friendly and built with natural materials found in the islands. Many of the islands don’t have electricity.

For one of the purest ecotourism experiences still available in the world, consider the San Blas Islands for your next trip.

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